Goalkeeper Devin Williams holds a German passport – SPORTS – News

Goalkeeper Devin Williams holds a German passport - SPORTS - News

10 August 2022
4:30 pm

Polar Bear Devin Williams is already on the ice and no longer comes in the troop of foreign players. Photo: Holmgren/Polar Bear

Regensburg, city.Ice hockey’s new second division club Eisberen Regensburg announced the naturalization of American goalkeeper Devin Williams ahead of Friday’s (8 pm) first test match of the new season at Donau Arena against Czech second division team HC Banik Sokolov.

The 26-year-old, who first arrived in Oberfalz about three weeks ago, has been back since Friday, on the ice with his new teammates and carrying his German passport with him. “We are very pleased that Devin has obtained his German citizenship within just three weeks of applying,” commented Isberen Managing Director Christian Sommerer. “I would like to thank all the parties involved, especially Mr. Tobias Wilde from the Regensburg district office, for the excellent support and cooperation.”

not surprised by the speed

Koch is also not surprised by the speed of naturalization. “We already expected this. From the beginning, we were assured, repeatedly, in response to the most thorough inquiries, about the possibilities and duration of the process, that with such complete and flawless documents ‘Things will happen very quickly,'” says Max Kaltenhauser. “That’s why we’ve signed a fifth-team player in the meantime. Of course, that’s great for us, because we have another overseas license.”

The positions of the four-team players that could be used are occupied by the new signings of Czech Radim Matas, American Kyle Osterberg (US-American) and Finn Topi Pipponen. In addition, there is Richard Davis, who also has the possibility of naturalization, but it depends on an upcoming possible change in the law. Apart from the quartet, players from two other squads are likely to be given licenses during the season.

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have already gained European experience

Devin Williams has already gained experience in Europe: he comes from Slovakian first division team HK Dukla Miklovás and previously played 220 games in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) for US team Erie Otters. The OHL is considered one of the top three junior leagues in Canada, which together make up the Canadian Hockey League (CHL).

Williams played in the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL), North America’s third highest division, for the Tulsa Oilers (153 games) for a total of four years. For the AHL’s San Antonio Rampage, the second-highest league after the NHL, Williams only finished two games scoring goals against an average of 1.34.

Williams’ first impression of Regensburg is positive: “The whole city is beautiful and the people are nice. I’m happy to be here.” The goalkeeper wants to help win the game in DEL2. “I look forward to the challenge.”

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