Golden Cage: Old King Juan Carlos entertained in exile

Juan Carlos, ehemaliger König von Spanien, ist abgetaucht. Foto: Andrea Comas/AP/dpa Foto: dpa

Why? Quite simply: It is hoped that both the Royals and the government allegedly nurtured that the departure would soon meet the waves of multiple scandals. On the contrary: a new investigation has been opened regarding Juan Carlos. Officials did not reveal any details, but according to the media it is again about tax fraud and money laundering.

Among other things, Juan Carlos Alfonso Victor Maria de Bourbon y Bourbon-dos Cicillias, as his full name is said to have received a credit card from a billionaire entrepreneur from Mexico, which he apparently referred to the tax authorities Used to pay bills for years without being informed. In 2015, he is said to have bought his granddaughter Victoria Federica – a daughter of Infant Elena – a show jumping horse for more than 10,000 euros.

Allegations of corruption, alleging that he collected US $ 100 million in bribes from Saudi Arabia in 2008 for mediation between Arab countries and a Spanish construction consortium for the construction of high-speed train, Threatened to bring Juan Carlos to the dock. However, media reports about paternity suits and alleged mistresses almost harm her and the monarchy. “Casa Real” has not yet released any statement or rebuttal.

But how can a man who was once considered one of the most respected European royalty houses and who was more popular than anyone else in his home country fall so quickly? He has always been a talented man who enjoyed the company and good life of rich friends. In the past, it didn’t bother most. After all, “El Rey” was attractive, a figure of his own country and, last but not least, the very iconic savior of Spanish democracy. In February 1981, exactly five years after the death of dictator Francisco Franco, he defeated a group of coupers, with a firm speech to the nation.

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For decades, the Spaniards were proud not only of the determination of the king, but also of his antics. “Today the people of this country, including politicians and judges, live differently,” commented “La Vanguardia” recently.

The change began in 2012: Juan Carlos went to Africa to shoot elephants, while the Spaniards faced a historic economic crisis. Health problems followed, media reports about several operations, alleged infidelity and a tax fraud scandal in which son-in-law Inaki Urdangarin (husband of Infanta Christina) was sentenced to nearly six years in prison. In June 2014, King ended “semi-voluntarily” – as one TV commentator put it. With this, he lost the immunity he had been enjoying since acquiring the throne on November 22, 1975.

Meanwhile, the scandals are grinded to the mills of the monarch’s opponents, who are getting more and more, including Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias. The London Times warned after the “escape” of Juan Carlos that the Spanish monarchy was so damaged that “its long-term existence is uncertain”. King Felipe also knows the same. According to media reports, the 52-year-old is currently against her father’s return. Only daughter Elina is said to have visited Juan Carlos in Abu Dhabi.

Juan Carlos should not spend the festive season alone. According to “El Pierce”, “He has plans to spend it in the company of his two daughters (Elena and Christina) and some of his grandchildren.” There is no mention of Felipe, wife Letizia, Crown Princess Leonor (15) and her sister Sophia (13).

Not even from the old queen Sophia, who is not too sad. When the 82-year-old elder was asked by a TV reporter on a public appearance in October if she was in contact with Juan Carlos, she merely said: “Oh my God, what a question!” After all, the only statement from the royal family in recent months.

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