Goodbye Germany: blow to Canada! Expatriates Ripped

Goodbye Germany: blow to Canada!  Expatriates Ripped

After immigrant Markus Breuer has already tried his luck in Canada, Hartmann is now looking to establish a foothold overseas. There is also the “Goodbye Germany” team with Manfred and Barbara. They want to find happiness here with Barbara’s children.

And the start of his new life is looking promising, as Manfred already has a permanent job as a baker and is looking to get hired in a small town. The emigrant wants to make his dream come true here, but then the desire for new challenges takes an ugly turn, and Hartmann is suddenly on the verge of moving back to Germany.

The dream of “Goodbye Germany” is shattered

It seemed like the perfect fit to immigrate to Canada and really get started with my own culinary skills. Business partner Sam picks up the family as soon as they arrive at the airport. The best of the best a cafe owner shows himself, along with his wife Esther, he wanted to make their new beginning as pleasant as possible for the Hartmann family.

Esther held a small meeting with the community’s mayor shortly after her arrival. But the good gesture backfired, as the language barrier and the exhaustion of the last few days overwhelmed the family. In retrospect, this seems like the first sign that families don’t quite fit there as previously expected. Then, weeks later, shock: Hartmann announced the end of the partnership.

“Goodbye Germany”: the Hartmann family loses its job

In a video message, the Hartmans told the “Goodbye Germany” team that they were no longer employed at the cafe. And this despite the fact that with them there was a huge increase in demand for stores. Sales were up and the mood was good. “We were very popular,” says Barbara.

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