Government failed in Netherlands: room for wilders

Government failed in Netherlands: room for wilders

DSince there are only two months left before the regular parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, the resignation of the Rut government will not have much effect. As a manager, he should complete his term in office without major political upheaval, which is not bad news for the country’s citizens in the epidemic. The Dutch, who like to see themselves as a freedom-loving but well-organized people, have not found the virus easier to deal with than other countries in Europe; At the moment they are troubled by late vaccination starts.

Politically, the scandal on this issue affects only long-term Prime Minister Mark Rutte only indirectly, even though he now has the stigma of resigning. His bourgeois-liberal clientele should not have too many points of contact with the milieu of low-income parents who were wrongly accused of social fraud under a former minister, Rutte.

This will be more difficult for the Social Democrats, from whose ranks the ministers came. You will have a hard time advocating for the common people in the upcoming election. The fact that right-wing populist Geert Wilders is trying to gather these voters is not surprising and represents a major problem facing many Western societies: the weakness of social democracy makes room for nationalists.

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