Gran Turismo DD Pro wheel base for PS5 costs 600 euros

Gran Turismo DD Pro wheel base for PS5 costs 600 euros

From Klaus Ludwig ,
Fantec has announced the Gran Turismo DD Pro wheel base for the simmed racing game Gran Turismo 7. How to explain the steering wheel base, which costs 600 euros, to Playstation 5 users?

The latest part of the Gran Turismo racing game series has been available on Playstation 4 and PS5 since early March. Fantec has now announced the Gran Turismo DD Pro wheel base to match the simcade racing game. In conjunction with the Playstation 5, the new Fanatec Direct Drive technology should enable a new dimension in force feedback, the manufacturer promises. Haptic feedback should be particularly detailed and, for example, reflected in the implementation of PS5 Controller DualSense Remember it. In addition, a carbon fiber reinforced steering axle is included, so that feedback is optimized.

Fantec Gran Turismo DD Pro co-designed with developer Polyphony Digital

Gran Turismo 3 from 2001 already had force feedback for players, so you could feel it through the vibration of the steering wheel if you drove over a curb or the road surface changed. With the new Gran Turismo DD Pro wheel base, the manufacturer wants to embody the detailed force response. The steering wheel is not included in the package for 600 euros, but you can use For example the Fantec The Podium Steering Wheel BMW M4 GT3 connect. The following peripherals are compatible with the new Fantec wheel base:

  • all fantec podium steering wheel,
  • all fantec clubsport steering wheel,
  • all fantec csl steering wheel,
  • all fantec pedals and circuits,
  • fantech clubsport handbrake,
  • All Fantec Cockpits,
  • CSL DD Table Clamp & Clubsport Table Clamp V2,
  • podium mounting bracket
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