Hangover reappears nine months after his funeral

Hangover reappears nine months after his funeral

Desiree lives in Regina (Canada) with her red tomcat Zeppelin. But in September 2020 Velvet Claw ran and went. Desiree searched for him everywhere, posted search notices and interviewed neighbors. But no one had seen the cat. A week later she received sad news from the animal welfare organization “Regina Cat Rescue”: a dead cat was found.

owner cremated red cat

Desiree immediately went to the place where the cat was found and recognized her zeppelin. Devastated, he took the body and cremated it. To say goodbye, she hosted her cat’s funeral and even wrote her a song. Then began the mourning for her lost roommate, with whom she had been living for years.

For Desiree, saying goodbye to Zeppelin was one of the hardest things ever in her life, she told Canadian radio stations. Slowly she processed the loss.

But nine months later she got another call from “Regina Cat Rescue”. Once again, the staff tells Desiree that they have found their zeppelin.

Zeppelin has risen from the dead

At first he thought the call was unthinkable—after all, he had cremated and buried his cat several months earlier. When the organization’s employees tell her that the cat they found has a chip on which Zeppelin and Desiree’s contact information is stored, she immediately leaves.

Photo: instagram.com/desireehobbins (screenshot)

At the facility she immediately recognized her dead cat and hugged her tightly. Desiree had apparently buried Zeppelin’s doppelganger nine months earlier—and animal rights activists also knew where the missing cat was at all times: He was roaming another neighborhood and fed every day by an elderly woman. and was being domesticated.

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But when she wasn’t able to adequately care for Velvet Paws, she called the animal welfare organization’s assistants—and ensured an unexpected happy ending.

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