Hate Alarm in “Summer Home of the Stars” – “A Cowshed Is Better!” – TV

Hate Alarm in "Summer Home of the Stars" - "A Cowshed Is Better!"  - TV

A farm is not a penthouse…

For the start of the sixth season “Summer House of the Stars,” the new celebrity couple move into the familiar tiny house of Bocholt-Barlow.

As the first new residents, ex-viva presenter Mola Adebisi (48) and his girlfriend Adelina Zielai (33) were allowed to move into their new residence – and they were already full of hope.

Mola was already in the car relying on heavenly support: “Dear God, let me be the first. Please give me the first bed!” Among his affinity for the Almighty is his girlfriend, who ranges from a mola companion to a mola companion. Adelina revealed: “I really do live by the Ten Commandments.” As a precaution, she tried singing to a suitable bed and trilling: “We are the first! “

Mola and Adelina are moving to the “Summer House”Photo: RTL

And “he” had heard her – the two of them entered the new apartment building first. Adelina was initially excited about the crucifixion on the wall: “A cross. we are blessed! ”

But the inside of the farmhouse in particular filled Mola with awe: “When you look at it from the outside, it’s so beautiful. And then you go in… a cowshed is better! ”But it was not just the external appearance that troubled the mediator – the hut also became a challenge for him in terms of smell:“ How can you describe the smell in the house? An old, wet rag you forgot in the sink.”

And so the couple got into a real cleaning frenzy. Mola instructs her partner for better organization: “Honey, oh my God. Wait, wait, wait, please. We have to finish one thing!”

“Steph” Jerkel Doesn’t Think Much About Cleaning — That’s What His Wife Peggy Jerofke Should DoPhoto: RTL

How good that help was already—Stephen “Steph” Jerkel (53) and his wife Peggy Jerofke (44) as the next dream couple.

However, Steph was already feeling deeply affected by family life: “Then women make the mistake of ignoring the man. The man is still there and needed too!”

But adventures like “cleaning” are apparently not part of it. When Mola reveals her cleaning battle plan, Steph has to refuse the risk of being wiped out with thanks: “Cleaning? I’m out.” For something like this he finally has his wife: “Yeah, so you. Can help, Peggy. I have nothing to do with cleaning. Peggy loves to do it!” She wanted to know: “What are you doing now, darling?” “A first-class support offer came in:” Well, tell me where it’s dirty!”

The job of a strenuous supervisor, from which Steph had to recover after a short time by resting in the garden. Mola already had a bit of a foreboding: “He’s a little old-fashioned.”

Only actress Janina Korn (38) and her boyfriend Roland Heitz (63) could top this first impression.

Janina Korn and her friend Roland Heitz - Janina finally burst into tears:

Janina Korn and her friend Roland Heitz – Janina finally burst into tears: “Have I been received by people so badly?”Photo: RTL

He preferred not to take part in the cleaning parade, but instead saw the cows making love in the pasture. The new resident Almclausie (52) shot himself at Roland: “He’ll have to help a little. It just can’t be served!”

The result was the nomination of flat share residents for the couple, which could mean moving out in the next episode for both of them. Janina took her breath away and wept bitterly: “We’re doing something wrong, Roland. Have people accepted me so badly? Even Roland made it difficult to decide. He admitted, bowing: “Maybe I should have cooked earlier.”

Will their missing menu be undone? Already on Wednesday the first kicking from the “summer house of stars” takes place.

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