“He just caught me” – cicada attack on Joe Biden

"He just caught me" - cicada attack on Joe Biden
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“He just caught me” – cicada attack on Joe Biden

Shortly before leaving for Britain, President Joe Biden had to fight a cicada

Shortly before leaving for Britain, President Joe Biden had to fight a cicada

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The so-called “brut X” only appears every seven years. Now that time has come again – and not even the US president has been spared. In Washington, cicadas also partially halted air traffic.

wooAshington in the east of the United States and other parts of the country are currently the scene of a rare natural spectacle: the billions of Brut X (Roman ten) cicadas cavorts, which only appear every 17 years. They are notorious for their noise level, which can reach 90 decibels or more – the equivalent of a gasoline lawnmower. And they can be very sticky.

Not even the US president can escape him: A worm landed on Joe Biden’s neck on Wednesday before boarding Air Force One for Great Britain at Andrews military base. “Take care of the sobs,” Biden said. “I just caught one – it caught me.”

“A gift – that is not found anywhere else on earth”

A frugal nuisance for some, a historic natural spectacle for others: it’s cicada time in the United States. American correspondent Stephen Schwarzkopf got up close and personal and tasted the flying beetles.

Source: WELT/Stephen Schwarzkopf

At least the US President was able to continue his journey. Others worse: American media reported that the journalists accompanying them had to change planes because the cicadas had colonized and disabled a significant portion of the plane.

Weather can also be seen on radar

After this the new plane took off with a delay of six and a half hours. US airline Delta – which operated the charter flight – announced, according to broadcaster CNN, that they are sorry for the rare insect-related delay. But nothing is more important than security.

A cicada tries to break free from its nymph shell

A cicada tries to break free from its nymph shell

Source: DPA

Brood X-cicada dig themselves into the earth as nymphs (similar to other insect larvae), from which they emerge only after 17 years. They then molt and usually fly into trees to hatch.

The animals that have now appeared were conceived in the spring of 2004. How the animals know that 17 years have passed is not yet known for some research; It is suspected that this is related to the flowering time of some trees.

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After several days of hot weather, cicadas are making their presence felt in New York City.  Millions of these insects come out every 17 years to mate and breed, only then another cycle begins.  Billions of cicadas are expected to emerge up and down the east coast of the US this summer.  Photo by Dennis Van Tyne / ABACAUSA.COM Photo

Males entice a female mate to breed with a deaf chirping. The Washington Post reported that the density of cicada in the capital region was so high that the insects appeared on weather radar.

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