Heat drama in Canada: Hundreds killed – around 50 degrees Celsius

Heat drama in Canada: Hundreds killed - around 50 degrees Celsius

Heat wave in Canada: Hundreds of deaths at nearly 50°C.

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A severe heat wave is sweeping parts of Canada and the United States. The temperature rises to a dangerous record level of about 50 degrees. Hundreds of people die.

VANCOUVER – In western Canada, an extraordinary heat wave has killed hundreds of people, according to officials. Forensic Medicine of the West Coast Province reported 486 sudden and unexpected deaths from Friday to Wednesday in the province of British Columbia on Wednesday afternoon (local time). This number is likely to increase. This is 195 percent higher than the general average for the comparable period. The authority believes that the sharp increase is related to extreme heat.

Heat wave breaks temperature record in Canada

The thermometer showed 49.6 °C in Lytton (province of British Columbia) on Tuesday, as announced by the local weather authority on Twitter. It is an “all-time temperature record”. However, so many records have been broken that it is difficult to track them at the moment.

Air-conditioned centers have been set up in the affected area where people can get relief from the heat. Forensic doctor Lisa LaPointe called for precautionary measures and helping those at risk.

Heatwave in Canada and the United States – affecting more than 14 million people

The heat is melting power lines and turning roads into moguls, the BBC reports. Cities in particular are getting extremely hot. Vaccination centers have been closed. Schools are cramped and local public transport has been partially closed.

Heat waves will be more common. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), global temperatures are already 1.2 degrees above industrial levels.

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Climate change causing extreme heat waves in Canada and the United States

“Words cannot describe this historic event,” tweeted Environment and Climate Change Canada, British Columbia. The region is home to the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Parks. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO for short) has warned that high glaciers are at risk of melting. Apart from humans, animals and plants will also suffer from the scorching heat.

The WMO announced that the extreme heat wave has affected more than 14 million Americans. “Heat waves are becoming more frequent and intense as greenhouse gas concentrations cause global temperatures to rise. We are also seeing they begin earlier and end later, taking an increasing toll on human health. ,” said Omar Baddaur, head of the WMO’s climate monitoring and policy department.

According to the WMO, these early summer warm weather conditions occur against a backdrop of man-made climate change. Global temperatures will already be 1.2 degrees above pre-industrial levels.(dpa/ml)

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