Heidenau: Small apartments are not in demand

Heidenau: Small apartments are not in demand

Things are moving forward in Mughalan. Sonnenhof II rising on Käthe-Kollwitz-Stra ise. 108 apartments are being built gradually. Tenants must move before November. Later I said in January. It was July at that time. The first two entrances are now 60 per cent on rent, ie the rent contract has been signed as a client of the municipal housing company WVH. Apartment rentals continue at other entrances.

Instead of big information events, there are only individual appointments, but it does not hurt the interest of potential tenants. Sonnhof II is WVH’s third subsidiary living project. In addition to Sonnenhof I, she also runs Elbblick at the corner of Dressdner and Elbstrasse.

Instead of a small apartment – guest or dressing room

Meanwhile, there is a problem with Sonnhof II that was not an issue before. There is hardly anyone interested in a small one-room apartment. While the demand for larger apartments is more or less constant, it is lower for smaller apartments. So far, 36 out of 108 apartments have been planned as one room apartments.

WVH is now investigating an adaptation of the apartment’s size, spokesman Claudia Lehinagak says. It is predictable that two one-room apartments can be merged into one larger apartment. “The result will be inviting, extensively designed residential units with large balconies and a guest or dressing room.”

14 apartments less with rescheduling

Various factors must be considered for such a far-reaching decision. The advantages and disadvantages of re-planning and redesign are currently being investigated. In any case, a change has financial consequences, as are existing plans. In addition, a two-room apartment does not require two kitchens or two bathrooms in a two-room apartment.

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So far, Sonnhof II is expected to be priced at around 14 million euros. Cold rents should be between 7.62 and 8.50 euros, plus operating costs and flat-rate care fees. If the layout of the apartments were to change, the total number of apartments would be reduced from 108 to 94, Lehnigk says.

It remains to be seen whether the decision to change will be true not only in the short term, but also in the medium and long term. Keyword less pension. If co-workers who have been cohabiting for many unemployed years in their career retire gradually, this results in a reduced pension. One-room apartments can then be in demand again. As the number of retirees is increasing overall, there should also be a number of people who can afford a guest room or dressing room. They want this to be another question as well.

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