Historical reevaluation – signs of racism in public space: the city of Zurich serves

Historical reevaluation - signs of racism in public space: the city of Zurich serves

Historical work

Signs of Racism in a Public Place: The Work of the City of Zurich

Colonial and racist symbols are still visible in many places in public space. The city council of Zurich now wants to keep a close watch on them – and remove them where necessary.

The main focus is on the Niederdorff, where there are still many racist signs.


(Of) It is clear to the city government of Zurich: Racism should not be tolerated. Racist signs of time in public space must be removed, processed, or relevant. He decided on Thursday. In doing so, she follows the recommendations of a project group. There were several letters from the trigger population.

According to a statement, Niederdorff has household names and frescoes at the top that are related to colonialism and anti-black racism and are part of the city’s history. The city council would like to remove three racist designations from urban properties this year. However, the characters should not always be removed. The city council wants to carefully examine the handling in each individual case.

They have little effect on goods and assets in private ownership because the case has no legal basis. However, the city wants to actively approach private homeowners to draw them in line with the city’s approach, sensitizing them on the subject and in the public interest.

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