Hogwarts Legacy: New video shows off first Harry Potter game gameplay

Hogwarts Legacy: New video shows off first Harry Potter game gameplay

The Harry Potter game was released in the autumn of 2020 Hogwarts Legacy announced, in which players can attend the magic school of the same name. Since then, however, the project has calmed down considerably. During yesterday’s State of Play from PlayStation, extensive details about the game were revealed.

A new video has been released showing off the gameplay for the first time from Hogwarts Legacy. You can see the render scenes as well as many game scenes. Among other things, the video shows how in the battle system Hogwarts Legacy works, gives a glimpse at the story, and shows players lots of magical worlds to explore. A second video also takes a behind the scenes look.

purely in terms of content Hogwarts Legacy Settled in the late 19th century. The player slips into the role of a fifth grader who is apparently later enrolled at Hogwarts and thus is now experiencing his first year at school. In addition to everyday school life, the new Hogwarts student also faces a growing rebellion by ghosts, who have allied with black magicians.

must show Hogwarts Legacy For both PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC. As of now, the year 2022 has only been announced as the release date.

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