“Holzmichal” singer Thomas “Rupes” Unger suffers from multiple sclerosis

"Holzmichal" singer Thomas "Rupes" Unger suffers from multiple sclerosis

Folk musician Thomas “Rupps” Unger (53) and his group De Randfichten hit “Does Old Holzmichle Still Live?” became famous with The 53-year-old has now announced that he has multiple sclerosis. Ungar said “Build” newspaper: “I’m making this public now, so that people won’t be surprised if I sit on my performance for too long or the accordion squeaks because I don’t hit a note correctly.”

The “Holzmichal” singer suffers from multiple sclerosis

He has frequent recurrences of incurable nerve disease, his right arm is partially numb. Still, Unger is optimistic about his position: “Many people are in bad shape, I also want to encourage people. Thinking positive helps in the fight against disease.”

Age Spruce star suffering from MS: He’s known about it for two years

He was diagnosed two years ago. He had to undergo an MRI after he had a swelling of the optic nerve, said Unger, “and there you can see many bright spots, that is, swelling in my head.” The disease apparently caused inflammation of the spinal cord, which he suffered from in 2014.

He has a “moderate form” of MS, Unger pointed out. He is often tired in the morning. But if he takes pills twice a day, it will help him. According to his doctors, it is possible that he may not be wheelchair dependent till old age. “But no one can predict in MS,” Unger said.

He’ll be active on stage: four Christmas concerts with his 25- and 17-year-old sons coming soon.

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