Horizon Forbidden West – Focus on the Living World

Horizon Forbidden West - Focus on the Living World

Sony and Guerrilla Games present another special today Horizon Forbidden West, in which one dedicates himself this time to the design of the living world.

In the fourth part of this series, Espen Sogan, Lead Living World Designer, and Annie Kitten, Senior Writer, talk about how they made the game world of Forbidden West even more believable. It includes new adventures, more cultures and opportunities.

This time it is especially important that the game world appears authentic and that everything placed in it has a clear intention: for example, different tribes, settlements and peoples are part of the world of Horizon Forbidden West for a reason.

This was only possible through the close cooperation of the various teams in Guerrilla. Together they have created sophisticated stories and backgrounds for each tribe and their inhabitants, which are actively featured in the game. This also includes the mysterious Tenakt, who is at home in the Forbidden West.

“Our main job is to translate the structure of the story into visual representations that are integrated into the world itself,” Aspen explains. “For example, the Tenakath are known for being competitive and combat-focused, but so are other tribes. So how do we raise them and how do we communicate this visually?”

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Full special about game world available as usual on the officerIn the PlayStation Blog. 1. sees the horizon forbidden west8 February 2022.

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