How does Serbia cooperate with China, Russia and NATO?

How does Serbia cooperate with China, Russia and NATO?

Conflict zone: A US NATO soldier patrols next to a street barricade erected by ethnic Serbs near the town of Zubin Potok.
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Serbia has been arming itself largely with weapons from China and Russia for years. At the same time, the country cooperates closely with NATO – particularly in Kosovo, where there is now a rumble on the border.

aOn 9 April this year, an unusual sight was presented at Belgrade airport: six Chinese military transport aircraft, never seen before in Europe, landed of Serbia Capital. His cargo: a Chinese FK-3 anti-aircraft system. In the professional world, it is considered an adaptation of the Russian S-300 system. A few days ago, Serbia’s head of state and ruling party, Aleksandar Vucic, announced that he would soon introduce “the new pride of the Serbian Army”, a weapons system that would “dramatically increase the combat effectiveness of our armed forces.” “

Michael Martens

Correspondent for Southeast European countries based in Vienna.

Serbia is the only European country to use the Chinese system. in reactions The European Union Of which the Balkan country is still a candidate, at least on paper. The federal government announced that it expects all accession candidates to “join the EU’s common foreign and security policy and thereby move closer to the EU.” A foreign ministry spokesman in Beijing commented on objections that the delivery was part of a routine China-Serbian cooperation plan Belgrade had previously purchased Chinese fighter drones for. Delivery from China is an important part of the significant re-arming that Serbia has been pursuing for many years.

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