How to furnish an apartment in a small space

How to furnish an apartment in a small space

Living in a confined space? There is no problem. With a few simple tips, you can accommodate different living areas in one room.

in short needed

  • Living in confined spaces during home office hours becomes a challenge.
  • It makes sense to plan rather than throw the feature all together.
  • The important elements are: division of areas, setting boundaries and storage space.
  • Sofa beds or comfy welcoming guests? Knowing your preferences helps when choosing furniture.

Sleep near the stove. Working next to an attractive sofa: a one-room apartment is a challenge for everyday life. Especially now, when many working people have to work at home in this one room.

But one-room apartments are still in demand – and the trend is growing. Because rents are rising in cities, and large apartments are becoming increasingly unaffordable for many single people.

And: Trend analyst Gabriella Kaiser says that in the suburbs, or at least near the train station, travelers are often looking for smaller accommodations.

A minimalism movement has also been emerging over the years, says interior designer Eva-Maria Wusht. More and more people are choosing less, personally adapted lifestyles and lifestyles.

Hence the trend of small apartments.

Is the sofa bed really practical?

And how do you live well in a small space? Multifunctional and therefore space-saving furniture alone is not the solution to the problem in a one-room apartment.

Instead, it makes sense not to just throw the furniture together, but to plan it down to the last detail.

An example: the sofa bed is a practical solution for using the space effectively. One side to sit and receive friends and the other side to sleep.

But remodeling the bed every evening and morning is too cumbersome for many people, reports interior designer Wusht. If you want to receive guests, a large table or sofa is suitable.

create structure

Even if day-to-day life takes place in just one room, it is possible to create different areas and separate them from each other. Room dividers, curtains or filigree shelves are suitable for this.

Living expert Gabriella Kaiser especially recommends free-standing shelves that look airy and that aren’t too deep or heavy but still provide storage space.

In addition, platforms, carpets or different design colors create optical islands within the room. If the height of the room is appropriate, the loft bed can also be used as a second level, with a desk, seating area or shelves below.

Lighting should be tailored to suit different areas: While bright and cool lighting is more appropriate in the kitchen and at work, one should create a comfortable atmosphere with warm lighting in the living area, advises Kaiser.

Dimmable lamps or movable ceiling and wall lights bring flexibility.

Storage space is best under the bed

Storage space is important in all apartments, and closed storage areas give a small room a neat look.

According to interior designer Wüscht, the space under the bed is ideal for this, especially because this piece of furniture often takes up most of the space anyway.

And some smaller pieces of furniture offer pleasant additional options: like footstools with integrated storage space. On top of that, some models can be converted into a living room table with a sort of tray.

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