Hybrid meat with vegetable ingredients available in all branches

Discounter offers hybrid meat at all branches

Starting next Monday, Lidl will have new promotional items: the discounter is offering meat or sausages of German origin with vegetable ingredients for the first time.

after the supermarket rave And Net still draws Lidl After: The company will go on sale by Monday, January 10, 2022, Meat Or sausages with a vegetable content of up to 40 percent.

Premiere in Lidley

In particular, Discounter is offering for the first time minced beef and burger patties made from beef with jackfruit, Viennese sausage with carrots and chicken sausage classic with soy protein and in garlic. The new German-origin meat and sausage products will be available at the food retailer’s more than 3,200 branches.

Hybrid meat: Lidl minced beef with jackfruit. (source: Lidl)

According to Lidl, the campaign, with products made from a combination of animal protein and vegetable protein, is aimed at “customers who want to reduce their consumption of animal products and thus their ecological footprint without giving up meat entirely.”

In addition, the company announced in a press release that it intends to “surprise customers with innovative alternatives to classic meat products and support them with reduced meat consumption” in the future as well.

Hybrid Sausage: Vienna Sausage with Carrot and Chicken Meat Sausage with Soy Protein are available in Classic and Garlic flavours.  (source: Lidl)Hybrid Sausage: Vienna Sausage with Carrot and Chicken Meat Sausage with Soy Protein are available in Classic and Garlic flavours. (source: Lidl)

Hybrid meat also in Reeve, Neto and Aldea

However, the concept of including hybrid meat in this range has been around for a long time. For example, beginning July 2021, grocer Reeve has been selling meat under the brand name “Better Half,” which is made up of 50 percent vegetables. Neto Marken-Discount also makes minced beef from the “less meat” brand with 44 percent vegetable preparation.

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According to the newspaper “Lebensmittel Zeitung”, Aldi Süd will also try out hybrid products from January 14th. Under the “Is New” label, for example, customers can buy salami with organic poultry and pork with 50 percent less meat, which contains “alternative plant-based ingredients and whey protein.”

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