Hydrogen partnership with Canada: German environmental aid sees significant milestone…

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German Environmental Aid Registered Association

Berlin (OTS)

The German Environmental Assistance (DUH) sees the hydrogen partnership between Canada and Germany, which was decided last night, as an important milestone for future cooperation in the field of renewable energy. At the same time, the Environmental and Consumer Protection Association warns of missteps in climate policy due to hydrogen based on fossil fuels, so-called “zero” or “ultra-low” hydrogen.

Sasha Muller-Krenner, Federal Managing Director of DUH: “The consensual agreement is a good start and an important step in moving both countries forward in terms of climate protection. The focus on green hydrogen produced from renewable energy is decisive here: Germany should not bow down here. Now it is a question of German- Implementing the Canadian Agreement. We expect the Canadian government to set high environmental standards and respect indigenous rights when producing green hydrogen. We call on the German government to only use green hydrogen where decarbonization is required. There are no other options.”

DUH Head of Energy and Climate Protection Konstantin Zerger says: “Despite all the progress, Canada is keeping the door open for fossil-based hydrogen production. Whether it’s called ‘zero’ or ‘ultra-low’ doesn’t change much of the emissions associated with production. We can do that.” We can only warn the Canadian government against relying on exports of these extremely climate-damaging energy sources for our future economic development. Neither Europe nor other parts of the world will help in terms of climate policy . “

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