“I can’t hear it anymore”

"I can't hear it anymore"

Pietro Lombardi has now vented his anger on Instagram.Image: IMAGO / Panama Pictures

Pietro Lombardi is still one of the most successful artists to have emerged from the “DSDS” format. He plays in sold-out halls, fills huge stadiums and skillfully stages himself there. They also recently launched a children’s book, which quickly grew the sales list. He even stood in front of the camera to shoot for his first talent show. A lot has happened in his personal life as well, as he celebrated his public love return with Laura.

more than two lakh People Follow Pietro Alone on your Instagram account. Here he openly addresses topics that pertain to him and also provides personal insight into his daily life. If it gets too much for him, he gets out there for a few days and enjoys his “mobile phone insta break”. However, he is currently very active again, talks about his weight loss successes and has now revealed what really goes on his nerves on the social media platform.

Pietro Lombardi explains what he can no longer watch on Instagram

many people have been doing this for a few weeks influential people Feather instagram Question and answer session on the topic: “She’s 10/10, but…”. here they will fan Called them to send scenarios that show what is not for the man or woman of their dreams. Actress and singer Lisa Kupers, known through the 13th season of “DSDS”, joined the trend and immediately reeled in with her friends.

One thing is certain: there will be no content from Pietro Lombardi. In his story he said: “I can’t read it anymore, can’t listen to it anymore, it makes absolutely no sense. Everyone jumps on this brief hype: She’s 10/10 but she has cheesy legs, she’s 10/10 but her teeth are black. How useless is that? You will love your partner anyway.” Pietro put it bluntly: “What if your partner suddenly gets a toothache and his teeth turn black? will you leave him? If I suddenly have cheesy legs, should my wife leave me?”

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Pietro Lombardi does not understand this trend.

Pietro Lombardi does not understand this trend.Image: Instagram / Pietro Lombardi

For this reason he emphasized: “There’s no point in this round of questions because you will always love your partner for who they are. Whether it’s right or not, nobody cares.” That’s why he hates the fact that everyone has them in their question-and-answer session.

Pietro Lombardi used this example to show why he got nothing from this propaganda.

Pietro Lombardi used this example to show why he got nothing from this propaganda.Image: Instagram / Pietro Lombardi

Finally, Pietro used the following example to confirm how absurd this tendency was in his view: “She’s 10/10, but she’s not a model from a purely visual point of view when she’s sleeping. When she’s sleeping, 10/10 turns into 5, let’s say. ” Ironically, he said: “It’s a reason to break up, I think personally. What do you think? Vote here.”


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