‘I have not been unwell in years’: This vegan bodybuilder fights coronavirus chugging ‘semen smoothie’

'I haven't been sick in years': This vegan bodybuilder fights coronavirus chugging 'semen smoothie'

With the clinically acclaimed organisations around the earth likely berserk working trails to come across methods to ward off coronavirus, listed here is a way suggested by a vegan bodybuilder that will make you cringe, quickly. 

Tracy Kiss, a vegan bodybuilder promises that ‘semen smoothie’ is her secret to improve immunity to struggle the lethal coronavirus. Certainly, you’ve read that right a spoonful of semen is all you want to retain viruses at bay, in accordance to Kiss. 

Earlier, Kiss begun moisturising her pores and skin with semen as she was inclined to pores and skin problems and claimed that it confirmed enhancements. And now, she suggests that she put a spoonful of her greatest friend’s donated semen into her drink each individual morning in a bid to boost her immunity.

‘I do not try to remember the very last time I was sick’ 

Tracy Kiss

In a viral video, the 32-yr-aged is read saying, “‘I have not experienced a chilly or flu in years. I you should not bear in mind the last time I was ill, simply due to the fact I direct a nutritious, energetic life-style and consume semen on a common basis.” 

‘Whilst the entire world is suffering from a stockpiling frenzy of rest room tissue, cleaning solutions and hand sanitisers, I have identified a free and alternate approach — that is to stockpile semen. ‘With the coronavirus it is a pressure of the cold and flu. It truly is showing very comparable indications and which is what individuals are puzzled about.

‘It’s free, it really is commonly obtainable. Do not squander it’ 

‘The true semen itself is so excellent for you. Each individual teaspoon includes above 200 natural vitamins and minerals such as protein. ‘It’s a little something we can use as a line of defence in opposition to cold and flu-like signs and symptoms as effectively as health issues and illness. ‘It’s free of charge, it can be readily out there. Will not waste it and increase your immune procedure.’

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While Kiss have garnered consideration thanks to her strange remedies to enhance immunity, doctors have slammed Kiss for advertising and marketing a solution that has no scientific evidence to again it up.




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