Ice cream is remembered across Europe – but it’s still sold in Germany

Ice cream is remembered across Europe – but it's still sold in Germany

A food recall is currently causing a sensation in Europe. While the popular ice cream is being recalled in many countries, sales in Germany continue.

DORTMUND – Supermarkets in Germany are currently selling ice cream that contains the suspected carcinogenic gas ethylene oxide (ETO). Ice cream products have been recalled in several European countries over the past few days and weeks. There have been no public recalls in Germany so far.

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Ice cream recalls in many EU countries: sales in Germany just up

The Foodwatch Association, which campaigns for consumer rights in the food sector, has now found that affected ice cream products can still be found in German supermarkets.

The ice cream, which is said to contain trace amounts of ethylene oxide that is not allowed under EU law, comes from a variety from large food manufacturers Mars. In July, the group publicly recalled products due to suspected ETO contamination in countries such as Sweden, Romania or Austria (more current memory on RUHR24).

In addition, Mars is currently struggling with another product recall. In a popular article, which is also sold in German retail, a “genetically modified organism” (GMO) was discovered in one of the ingredients, the company said.

In Austria, Mars Austria announced a recall of several ice cream products on 20 July. Due to the ethylene oxide content, consumers were advised not to consume Snickers, Snickers Crisp and Bounty ice cream, as Portal did. Reported.

Mars ice cream in German supermarkets – products are said to be contaminated

Now consumer organization Foodwatch has claimed it has learned that ice cream recalled in other EU countries is still being sold in German supermarkets. The following Mars products are named in Foodwatch Research:

  • snickers ice cream
    EAN Code: 5000159344074
    Best before 03/2023
    Batch 116E3DOE02 and 116D3DOE02
  • snickers ice cream
    EAN Code: 5000159344074
    Best before 03/2023
    Charge 117B1DOE02

This type of ice cream is said to be part of a recall campaign in both Sweden and Romania. In addition, Mars Austria confirmed to Foodwatch that ice cream products sold in Germany were recalled in Austria as well.

No ice cream returned in Germany yet – but Mars confirms carcinogenic ethylene oxide

Mangal is said to have commented on the allegations in a statement. Accordingly, the group has confirmed that ice cream products in Germany must also contain carcinogenic ethylene oxide. The confectionery company “informed the local authorities”, but “ultimately decided not to take the products out of sale in favor of Germany”, as the consumption was “not harmful”.

However, this claim contradicts the agreement reached by EU states in early June 2021. According to this, “no safe intake” of ethylene oxide in food can be specified. Even small amounts can pose a health hazard to consumers.

Germany: repeatedly recalled regarding ethylene oxide

“Carcinogenic substances have no place in our food. It is unacceptable that Mars protects people in other countries better than Germany. “Mars has given an explanation to the public,” said Foodwatch campaign director Oliver Huisinga. Why weren’t the products recalled long ago in Germany?”

Ethylene oxide gas is used by Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BFR) classified as carcinogenic and mutagenic. Residues in food are generally “undesirable”. There have been many memories related to the mole over the past few weeks and months. A manufacturer has issued a warning about suspected ethylene oxide in several breadsticks.

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In early June, however, it was discovered that a widely used additive, locust bean gum (E410), was also frequently contaminated with ethyl nonide. The European Union therefore agreed that all food containing E410 contaminated with ethylene oxide should be publicly recalled. According to the information, this contaminant is found in ice cream that came from Mars.

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