Ice Hockey World Cup: Canada beat Russia, Finland beat Czech Republic

Ice Hockey World Cup: Canada beat Russia, Finland beat Czech Republic

Canada knocked out top favorite Russia at the World Cup in Riga. Image: Keystone

Canada beat Russia in extra time – Finland beat Czech Republic

Russia – Canada 1: 2nV

Russia will no longer win the World Cup against Canada. The record world champion conceded a fourth consecutive defeat with 1:2 after extra time against the North Americans in Riga. Andrew Mangiapane scored the winning goal for Canada in the 63rd minute after a brilliant performance from Troy Steicher.

The favored Russians clearly dominated the opening phase, but after that it was a similar game, drawing the shot ratio of 25:24 in favor of the Eastern Europeans. The Russians took the lead through Yevgeny Timkin (35th), with Adam Heinrich equalizing the Canadians in the 46th minute in the power play.

So the Russians will have to wait for their first World Cup title since 2014. Already three years earlier they had failed in the quarterfinals in overtime against Canada (4–5). In 2015 they lost in the final (1: 6), in 2017 in the semi-final (2: 4). The last win against the North Americans in the World Cup, 2–1 in the quarterfinals, was ten years earlier. The Canadians, who started the tournament with three losses, are now in the semi-finals for the sixth time in a row and can continue to dream of a 27th World Cup title that will put them on par with the Russians.

Russia – Canada 1: 2 (0: 0, 1: 0, 0: 1, 0: 1) nV
Riga, Olympic Sports Center. – SR Björk / Nord (SWE), Hynek / Ondreek (CZE).
tore: 35 Timkin (Orlov, Kamenev) 1-0. 46. ​​Heinrich (Brown, Comtoise / Exclusion Tarasenko) 1: 1. 63. Mangiapane (engraver) 1: 2.
Punishment: 3 times 2 minutes against Russia, 1 time 2 minutes against Canada.
Russia: Bobrovsky; Nesterov, Sadorov; Gavrikov, Provorov; Orlo, Deputy; Grigorenko, Voronkov, Sleepishyu; Bardasso, Karnaucho, Tolshinsky; Tarasenko, Morosov, Barbanov; Timkin, Kamenyu, Shvets-Rogovoy.
Canada: Kumper; Stitcher, Power; Walker, Ferraro; Bernard-Docker, Beudin; Schneider; Brown, Henrik, Mangiapen; Bunting, Vilardi, Comtoise; Pirie, Danforth, Paul; Faudi, Anderson-Dolan, Hegel; Perfetti.

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Finland – Czech Republic 1-0

Two years after winning the title in Slovakia with three narrow victories and only two NHL reinforcements, Finland looks set to successfully defend its title. The Finns won in Riga just like they did in Bratislava in 2019. They beat Czech Republic 1–0 in the quarterfinals.

The only goal of the game was scored by Jere Inala after 33 minutes. In addition, goalkeepers Simon Hrubeck (23 saves) and Jussi Olkinuara (28 saves) dominated the game. Olkinuara was part of the Finnish goalkeeper trio in Slovakia two years earlier, but then played only one preliminary round game in which he managed a shutout. In Riga, Olkinuara scored the first shutout against the Czechs.

Finland – Czech Republic 1: 0 (0: 0, 1: 0, 0: 0)
Riga, Arena. – SR Brugman/Gouin (USA/Can), McCrank/Oliver (Can/USA).
Tor: 33. Innala (Paccarinen, Contiola) 1: 0.
Punishment: 1 time 2 plus 10 min against Finland (Pakarinen), 1 time 2 min against Czech Republic.
Finland: olkinuora; Sunda, Koivisto; Rotten, Kasky; Pokka, Ohtama; Nausianen, Lindbohm; Antilla, Björninen, Menlanan; Lundell, Ozamaki, Swedish; Innala, Contiola, Pacarinan; Ruhoma, Turunen, Salinen.
Czech Republic: retracted; David Musil, Hronek; Sklenica, Cloak; Sastra, Sulak; Hajek; Vran, Kubalik, Kovar; Zadina, Fleck, Heinzel; Lenk, Stransky, Chitil; Adam Musil, Smezkal, Radil; Zohorna.
Comment: Czech Republic without a goalkeeper from 57:44.

USA – Slovakia 6-1

The quarterfinals between the United States and Slovakia were utterly dramatic. The Americans took a 3–0 lead in the first section and won 6–1. Since initially losing to Finland (1:2), the Americans have celebrated seven consecutive victories. He scored only nine goals in his eight matches.

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Colin Blackwell and Conor Garland scored two goals each against the Slovak. The tournament’s most successful scorer (with five goals and six assists) fell short in the second section for Peter Sehlerik, the Slovak, who had to leave the World Cup for the ninth time in a row without a medal.

USA – Slovakia 6:1 (3:0, 1:1, 2:0)
Riga, Arena. – SR Shredder / Tsherig (AUT / SUI), Merton / Obvgeiser (GER / SUI).
tore: 14. Boyle 1:0. 16. Blackwell (LaBlanc, Robinson) 2:0. 20. (19:30) Mala 3:0. 33. Sehlerik (Lantosi) 3:1. 37. Blackwell (Robinson, Labanc) 4:1. 46. ​​Chmelevsky (Volanin) 5:1. 59. Garland (Wollanin, Moore) 6:1.
Punishment: Your 3 times 2 minutes.
America: Peterson; Roy, Volanin; Tennyson, Jones; McKay, Helicson; Wideman; Moore, Robertson, Garland; Donato, Durie, Thompson; Beniers, Blackwell, LaBlanc; Boyle, Rumi, Chmelevsky; Robinson.
Slovakia: Huska; Nazco, Gernut; Nemek, Rosandik; Janosic, Graman; Bako, Dalaga Lantosi, Hrivik, Sehlerik; Christoph, Slafkovsky, Studenik; Kelmen, Roman, Pospisil; Book, Sukel, Liska.
Comments: USA without Abdelkader (injured). (Abu / SDA)

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