Ice Tigers get second Ustorf – Ice Tigers

Ice Tigers get second Ustorf - Ice Tigers

– The Nuremberg Ice Tigers have been preparing for a new season in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) for two weeks. By now Jake Ustorf is already there, now the Nuremberg sports director’s son also has a contract in his pocket. Head coach Frank Fischoder has meanwhile evaluated the first video material.

Frank Fischchodder had anticipated the visual material on the video – and that’s exactly what he got. At the Gaubodenkup in Straubing, their Nuremberg Ice Tigers substituted their head coach in two ways. In 1:3 against hosts Straubing Tigers, some things were good, but not quite as far as the 49-year-old Kalpana. On the other hand, in 4:1 against Wolfsburg, Nuremberger delivered a fine performance with scenes in which Fisoders can find words of praise during the screening.

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“So the first game helped us a lot, we still had some problems with the assignment in one position or the other, we did a lot better in the second game, we were much better structured,” Fischoder said, “The video gave us the first Bar helped a little”. This won’t be the last time, after all, that video studies are the norm. “In the second game, many things did very well, especially in terms of the build-up game, forechecks, and we had neutral territory,” the head coach outlined his team’s behavior. “We can continue working with it now”.

Gregor McLeod has also been working since Wednesday. You can’t even see it in the video. Due to back problems, the new Canadian striker was absent in both Lower Bavaria and ice training. “We had to be a little careful, it starts off a little more relaxed. I expect it to be completely flexible from next week,” Fishoder explains.

“We have nothing to worry about”

Others came back with minor wounds from the strobes, but that didn’t cause any major concerns. It’s hands with defender Tim Bender, it’s heads with Marco Friedrich and Julius Karr. “Nothing is broken in the bender, it’s just brutally painful, as always, we’ll have to see how quickly it heals,” Fischoder says. “It’s always bad when you have a head injury. Marco and Julius look really good, but we’re still waiting for the neurologist. Overall, we have nothing to worry about.”

Newcomer: Jake Ustorf has been training with the Ice Tigers for two weeks and is now a permanent member of the team.

Newcomer: Jake Ustorf has been training with the Ice Tigers for two weeks and is now a permanent member of the team.

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Even appearing on the ice did not cause any fear. “From a sporting point of view, I think it was quite successful,” said defender Oliver Maybus. The 28-year-old is also impressed with the new team in his sixth year in the Ice Tigers jersey. “We have a youth group, we have a lot of Germans with us, foreigners, step on the gas, they feel like, they are all nice people,” Maybus says. “Of course, it is too early to draw a playful conclusion, but the character of the team and what happens in the team in the dressing room will certainly work, but there has never been a problem here.”

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One has been in the dressing room and training for two weeks, but since Wednesday there has only been one Ice Tiger. Jake Ustorf comes to Nuremberg from DEL2 from EHC Freiburg, where he received a one-year contract. The son of sporting director Stefan Ustorf completed 85 DEL2 games with 14 goals and 17 assists for Lausitzer Fuchs and Freiburg. “In the two weeks of preparation so far, Jake has shown he has the skills to run and play,” says Stefan Ustorf. Stephen Ustorf says.

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