Ichac: The asparagus season is in the early blocks: it is the climate in the Ich region

Ichac: The asparagus season is in the early blocks: it is the climate in the Ich region

The asparagus season will soon resume in the Aichach-Friedberg district. How big is the anticipation? We asked around in Aich. Why some are still waiting.

The first stalls selling fresh asparagus have been established. Asparagus recipes are currently booming on the Internet. Asparagus pan with wild garlic pesto or asparagus and potato grinder can be found in all possible ways other than the classic preparation. We wanted to know passers by at Aichacher Stadtplatz: Look ahead first asparagus – And what is your favorite way to eat it?

Hildegard Vessel outside Adelzhausen:

From Edelgeson to Hildegard Vessel, asparagus is a symbol for the beginning of summer.

Photo: Gerlinde Drexler

“Yes, I am looking forward to asparagus because it marks the beginning of summer. But I should not be the first to prepare asparagus. I can well imagine that when the sun is shining and it is a good evening. Ho. And maybe you can invite someone. I traditionally like to eat asparagus with hot butter and ham. “

Alphonse Koelbl outside Ich-eknach:

Asparagus would like to eat, but it could not: Alphons Coblab from Aichach-Ecknach.

Photo: Gerlinde Drexler

“I would love to eat it, but I shouldn’t gout. I’ll eat asparagus once and then pill. My wife already eats asparagus, but it’s not often. We always buy fruits and vegetables when it happens. Is. The weather for this. Now asparagus is still very expensive. I’d like to wait a while. “

Carole Stegmeier outside Pottems:

Carola Stegmeyer from Pöttmes does not care much about asparagus.

Photo: Gerlinde Drexler

“I don’t care too much about asparagus. I don’t like peeling it and preparing it for myself. If so, for a visit or when I am invited to my sister. Then that fits. Is. I like more. ” That traditional asparagus eaters, but I have also tried the recipes. I do not need meat with asparagus. “

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Marianne Schmidt outside Aych:

Marianne Schmid from Aichach looks forward to the first asparagus.

Photo: Gerlinde Drexler

“I am already looking forward to the first asparagus. At the moment it is still very, very expensive. So I prefer to wait a while. This weekend there will be dishes with beef roulade and red cabbage in winter. Then we “I’ll turn into summer dishes. I would traditionally make asparagus with potatoes and ham. “

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