In this way you can fill in aral without paying at the cash register.

In this way you can fill in aral without paying at the cash register.

Just take the car to the pump at the nearest gas station, fill the tank, pay the car from your smartphone and continue immediately. This has been possible for a long time if you have Use the Bertha App. However, not all petrol pumps. Such an offer is now also available to customers of the payback bonus system called “Payback Fuel and Go”. At several petrol stations in Partner Aral. Payment is made through the Payback app and the mobile in it Payback Pay Payment System.

Initially “Payback Fuel and Go” cannot be used at all Aral petrol stations.

Important to know: Initially, “Payback Fuel and Go” is available only at 400 selected Aral stations. Fast payments via the Payback app should work slowly at all Aral Petrol stations in Germany by October 2021. There are more than 2,000 of them across the country. To use it, all you have to do is open the new service at the Aral Petrol Station in the Payback app, select the appropriate amount or volume in the appropriate pump and liter. After that idea The app has the technical functionality through On payback have paid. And of course there are also corresponding payback points for each digitally paid refueling process.

You can check in the Payback app whether the Aral Petrol station you are running supports “Payback Fuel and Go”. By bus Payback go Check in at the petrol station, select the Fuel and Go area and find out directly whether the service is already available on site. Don’t forget to activate e-coupon in advance. Then there is more than the base points for refueling. Optionally, Petrol Station Finder on Aral Homepage A good address to check for acceptance of “Payback Fuel and Go” at your favorite petrol station.

Aral and Payback will continue to be partners over the long term

Only a few weeks ago, Payback and Aral carried on their long-term partnership. And in the future this partnership will also involve collecting payback points while charging electric cars. The largest German petrol station operator offers for this Earl pulse Suitable fast charging station. In the future, they should be used not only at Aral stations, but In the parking lot of reway supermarket Will be found.

In the beginning Pulse However, payment through Payback Pay is not possible yet. Purely digital, but very much. After scanning the QR code, an invoice can be sent to charge the electric car Credit Card, Paypal, Big pay or On google to be paid.

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