Influenza vaccination marginally reduces stroke risk – Heilpraxis

Influenza vaccination marginally reduces stroke risk - Heilpraxis

Effects of influenza vaccination on stroke risk

when people protest fever Get vaccinated, also a. appears to provide moderate protection against the occurrence of the strokes to be connected. Obviously, flu shots can offer an advantage here as well.

In a new study involving experts Alcala University In Spain, the association between influenza vaccination and the risk of first ischemic stroke in the general population was investigated. Results can be found in the journal “neurology” for reading.

Detects and classifies stroke

For their study, the researchers chose participants from the age group 40 to 99 years from a spanish primary care database Those who had at least a year-long registry and no history of stroke or cancer.

The team formed a preliminary team consisting of a . cases of ischemic stroke who were then identified as professionals either acardiembolic or non-cardioembolic classified.

Random totals for each case were five controls The researchers explained that selected patients who were exactly match in terms of age, gender and date of stroke diagnosis (index date).

Within the study, participants were considered vaccinated if they at least 14 days before the index date, i.e. a . diagnosis of the strokesOne get a flu shot was.

The team calculated the so-called adjusted odds ratios, i.e. numbers that say something about the strength of the relationship between two features, and their respective 95 percent confidence intervals, using a conditional logistic regression.

The group totaled 3,757,621 people. 14,322 cases One ischemic stroke (in which 9,542 non-cardiembolic and 4,780 cardioembolic cases) was selected for investigation. In addition there was 71,610 Optimized controls, experts report.

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41.4 percent the percentage of participants who suffered a stroke, and 40.5 percent The control group was vaccinated.

Researchers adjusted data for factors that may be associated with both influenza vaccination and stroke risk, and epidemiological known disruptive factors Huh.

Flu vaccination lowers stroke risk

In subsequent data analysis, both types of ischemic stroke were examined in all analyzed subgroups (men, women, people under 65 years of age and those with moderate and high vascular risk). Flu Vaccine similar very low risk See, the research team reports.

comparatively studied pneumococcal vaccination was not associated with a lower risk of developing ischemic stroke, experts continue.

Moderate protective effect after influenza vaccination

Overall, the results of the new study suggest that influenza vaccination A medium protective effect for one early after vaccination When ischemic stroke occurs, the researchers conclude. (as)

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  • Sarah Rodriguez-Martin, Diana Barrera-Hernandez, Miguel Gil, Alberto García-Ledo, Laura Izquierdo-Esteban, et al.: Influenza vaccination and the risk of ischemic stroke: a population-based case-control study; In: Neurology (published 07.09.2022), neurology

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