International basketball match in Nuremberg in front of 1,000 spectators

International basketball match in Nuremberg in front of 1,000 spectators

New national coach Gordon Herbert’s team will compete against Estonia at the newly built arena in Nuremberg’s Tillypark for qualifying games for the 2023 World Cup in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. Despite the failures of all the players of the NBA and Euroleague, Germany is considered a favorite. The game is also the premiere with Gordon Herbert as national coach.

Herbert is looking forward to starting at Nuremberg

The 62-year-old Canadian with Finnish citizenship has taken over as national coach from Henrik Rodl, whose contract expired after the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The former player, who himself was active in Würzburg, Frankfurt and Berlin, is expected to eventually start in his new role. The 20-strong Bavarian BBL teams are represented by Bastian Doreth and Andreas Seyferth (Meddie Bayreuth), Philipp Stanik (S.Oliver Würzberg), Patrick Heckmann, Dominic Lockhart, Kenneth Ogbe and Christian Sengfelder (Bros Bamberg).

2G plus rules for viewers

The game starts at 7:00 pm on Thursday. Because Bavaria tightened coronavirus rules last week, only a quarter of the 4,000 seats at the Kia Metropol Arena Nuremberg can be used. The rule of 2G plus also applies. This means that only vaccinated and healthy people are admitted who may also show negative tests daily.

Good position for the Nuremberg national team

So far there have been eleven official international matches between German basketball players and Estonian players. Germany won nine times, the points balance is 943:781. The last meeting took place in Ludwigsburg on December 3, 2018. Also in World Cup qualification, Germany won 87:70.

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Three successful international matches so far at Nuremberg

So far, German basketball players at Nuremberg have a successful international match record: all three official games have been won: 2003 against Turkey with 83:82, 2004 against Ukraine with 95:69 and 2006 against Canada with 95:75.

Following yesterday’s game against Estonia, the Herbert team will move to a straight away game in Poland on 28 November.

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