iPhone 5c will be marked as obsolete in November 2022

iPhone 5c will be marked as obsolete in November 2022

According to an internal memo from Apple, MacRumors available, the iPhone 5c should be marked as obsolete. With this, Apple and its service providers will stop all repair and other services related to the coveted smartphone. Two years ago, the smartphone was already labeled as obsolete, meaning that only certain services and repairs were offered, such as replacing the battery or replacing the display.

Apple and its service providers will now cease all repairs and services. The third generation iPad mini is said to have the same fate. So if you still need service for a single device, you should make an appointment at an Apple Store or with a service provider as soon as possible.

The iPhone 5c was released in September 2013 along with the iPhone 5s. It was the first “colour” iPhone that also came in colored cases, with circular holes that showed off the color of the iPhone.

The iPhone 5c was also Apple’s attempt to launch a cheaper model alongside a moderately priced iPhone. What are your memories about the iPhone 5c? Do you have another one that works?

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