Iran hijacks two Greek tankers in revenge: “These actions are practically piracy”

Iran hijacks two Greek tankers in revenge: "These actions are practically piracy"

Looks like revenge for seized oil…

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard said on Friday it hijacked two Greek oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

The whole thing came to light after Athens aided the US in seizing an Iranian oil tanker over alleged sanctions violations in the Mediterranean. That’s why Iran threatened “punitive measures” on Friday.

The Greek foreign ministry said it had sent a clear protest message to the Iranian ambassador in Athens over the “forceful takeover of two Greek-flagged ships” in the Persian Gulf.

A statement from the ministry said: “These actions are effectively piracy.”

An Iranian helicopter landed on the Greek-flagged ship Delta Poseidon in international waters about 22 nautical miles off the coast of Iran on Friday.

Armed men then captured the crew. The nationalities of the other crew members were not mentioned.

“A similar incident was reported by another Greek-flagged ship carrying seven Greek nationals aboard the Iranian coast,” the ministry said. According to preliminary information, the second ship is the “Prudent Warrior” tanker.

Athens called for the immediate release of the ships and their crew, saying these actions would have “particularly negative consequences” for bilateral relations and Iran’s relations with the European Union, of which Greece is a member.

A US Defense Department official said two Iranian-occupied ships made contact in Iranian territorial waters on Friday before drifting into Iranian waters.

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The ships also switched off their tracking devices, another warning sign, the official said. However, neither the ship issued a distress call nor called for assistance, the official said.

Second ship caught: tanker “Prudent Warrior”Photo: Shipspotting

Tensions remain between Iran and the West over stalled talks over Iran’s fast-moving nuclear program.

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