Irregular Sleep Schedules Health Information Associated With Depression – PTA Professionals

Irregular Sleep Schedules Health Information Associated With Depression - PTA Professionals

New York: According to a new study, sleeping less hours or waking up late at night can increase your risk of depression.

Results published in the journal NPJ Digital Medicine suggest that an irregular sleep schedule may increase a person’s risk of prolonged depression.

“These results highlight sleep stability as a mitigating factor in depression and well-being,” said Sreejan Sen, a researcher at the University of Michigan.

“This work also demonstrates the ability of wearable devices to understand important healthcare constructs that we have not been able to study extensively before,” Sen said.

For the study, the team used data directly from sleep and mood measurements of more than 2,100 doctors early in a year.

The study is based on data on participants’ sleep tracking and other activities using commercial devices on their wrists, allowing them to report their daily moods on a smartphone app and conduct quarterly tests to check for signs of depression It is said.

Those whose instruments showed they had a variable sleep schedule were likely to have higher and lower daily mood scores on standardized questionnaires on symptoms of depression, the researchers said.

He said that people who regularly wake up late or have the lowest hours of sleep have higher symptoms of depression and lower daily mood.

University researcher Yu Fang said, “Thanks to advanced wearable technology, we can study behavioral and physical factors for mental health, including sleep, on a larger scale and more accurately than ever before.” . ” .

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