IRW-News: Cross River Ventures Corp.: Defines new surface trends on the Cross River McVicar project area; From the analysis of samples 19.75 g / t Au . reveals up to

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IRW-PRESS: Cross River Ventures Corp.: The Cross River McVicar project defines new surface trends in the area; From the analysis of samples 19.75 g / t Au . reveals up to

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – October 5, 2021 – Cross River Ventures Corp. (Company) (CSE: CRVC; OTCQB: CSRVF; FWB: C6R) to update shareholders on the progress of exploration work on its gold projects in northwestern Ontario, Canada in 2021.

Phase 1 fieldwork has now been completed on all concessional areas. Assay results from the 12,000 hectare McVicar Gold Project have now identified a roughly 700 m long, mineralized trend south of the Chelo vein. This trend that opened in all directions is now called Bear Head Trend.

The four-man team, contracted by Bayside Geoscience of Thunder Bay, Ontario, completed a 28-day field event on McVicar. The team completed prospecting and mapping of areas of historic gold (Au) mineralogy at the Chelow Wayne, the AGM Zone, and the Altered Zone. The crew also examined interpreted structural targets in the concession area. A total of 354 samples were taken in the program, of which six samples returned a value of more than 1 gram per tonne (g/t) Au, which is summarized in the following table:

Sample number to the east north of the Au target area


B731154 607441 5710259 Acquisition Area Bear19,75


B 731272 607346 5710872 Erzgang Chelo 1975

B731101 607356 5710874 Exposure Point 6.63

B731166 607183 5713343 Erzgang Chelo 6,45

B731653 596162 5715329 Lang Lake 1,67

B731281 607040 5710285 Acquisition Area Bear1,415


Of these samples, two confirmatory samples 19.75 g/t Au from the chial vein and 6.63 g/t Au returned from exposed outcrops. These samples demonstrate the grade of the chial vein and that they are consistent with samples by previous operators.

Two samples, collected about 600 m south of the Chelo vein, return values ​​of 19.75 g/t Au and 1.415 g/t Au, respectively, indicating the discovery of a new surface of Au mineralization at McVicar. These samples were collected from shear and silicate mafic volcanic rock containing 1–10 cm wide veins of smoky blue quartz. The samples were taken near the southern contact between mafic volcanic rocks and granite along the Barehead Fault Zone (Map 2).

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Subsequent exploration programs will focus on the barehead fault zone to better define the extent, width and grade of Au mineralization.

A single sample returned 1.67 g/t Au in a ceric and silica aged intermediate volcanic rock in the northeastern extension of the Barehead Fault Zone. No previous samples from this region have indicated Au mineralization. Further work is needed to determine the relevance of this sample in the context of barehead fault zone mineralized systems.

Map 1: Overview of the 2021 sample from the McVicar Gold Project in northwestern Ontario, Canada

Map 2: New bearhead trend, 550 meters south of and parallel to Chelo Venus

A sample from a quartz-carbonate vein near the historical point returned 6.45 g/t Au. The vein appears to be up to four inches wide and resides in a weakly shear gabbro associated with the McVicar Lake ore stock.

Map 3: 6.45 g / t Au . Historical exit point with a new sample of

Data validation, sampling process and quality control

Rock samples were collected by field crew with hydraulic hammers and placed in polybags with a unique station ID and sample number. The field team collected sample information in a digital data collector and recorded GPS coordinates, geological observations and photographs of all sampling locations.

Either standard or blank samples were added to the sample stream for all 25 samples. All standard and blank samples and all standard and blank quality control samples reported in the ALS certificates of analysis were within acceptable values.

The samples were taken by bayside staff to the ALS Chemex Prep Laboratory in Thunder Bay, Ontario. ALS then sends land samples to ALS Chemex Vancouver for analysis. Au values ​​were determined by fire test and ICP-AES finish. All Au samples that were above the detection limit for this method were analyzed by fire assay and gravimetric finish. Geochemical investigations for major and minor elements were carried out through aqua regia digestion followed by ICP-MS finish.

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*Note: Grab samples are selective in nature and may not be representative of the average grade or type of mineral. However, they will be used to set additional exploration targets on the properties.

The technical material published in this news release has been reviewed and approved by a qualified person as defined by Mr. Steven Flank, PGO, MSc, National Instrument 43-101. Doctor. Carpenter has no close relationship with the company. The company has not verified the historical research results contained in this press release. However, referenced historical reports were written by skilled geoscientists, and copies of laboratory test forms were usually included in the report.

about the company

Cross Rivers is a gold exploration company focused on developing world-class exploration properties in the emerging greenstone districts of northwestern Ontario Canada. The company controls a portfolio of 28,0090 acres, with a number of projects located at highly potential properties in and between the high-yield, gold-bearing greenstone belt. Cross River Common Stock trades under the symbol “CRVC” on the CSE in Canada and OTCQB under the “CSVRF” symbol in the United States. Please visit for more information.

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