IRW-News: Kiplin Metals Inc.: Kiplin Metals seeks to expand portfolio of uranium projects in Athabasca (Saskatchewan, Canada).

IRW-News: BevCanna Enterprises Inc. : BevCanna erhält Kapitalspritze in Gesamthöhe von 5 Mio. $, einschließlich vollständig gezeichneter, über dem Marktwert liegender Platzierung in Höhe von 3,5 Mio. $ zu einem Preis von 1,50 $

IRW-PRESS: Kiplin Metals Inc.: Kiplin Metals seeks to expand portfolio of uranium projects in Athabasca (Saskatchewan, Canada).

October 25, 2021 – Vancouver, British Columbia – Kiplin Metals Inc. (Company) (TSXV: KIP, Frankfurt: 17G1) announced that its Board of Directors has initiated a strategic review of a number of uranium projects in Athabasca, Saskatchewan, Canada. Expand the company’s project portfolio.

Company Director Peter Bourne says: After in-depth consultation with our strategic advisors, the extensive technical expertise of our team and the global initiative to move away from fossil fuels to meet global energy needs, the Board of Directors made the decision Is. To conduct a strategic review of several uranium projects in Athabasca, Saskatchewan. The company’s technical team has extensive uranium exploration experience and we are confident that the addition of new uranium projects will add significant value to Kiplin Metals shareholders.

About Kiplin Metals

Kiplin Metals is an early stage exploration and development company. The company’s management understands that it can achieve the greatest value for its shareholders through exploration and development of mineral resources, and therefore its primary focus is on projects that have such potential. Kiplin holds the rights to two highly promising mineral exploration projects in Canada, an area known worldwide for its mineral resources, cooperative regulatory structure, and stable economic and political environment.

The Exeter Gold Project spans 715 acres in the Val d’Or, Quebec, one of the world’s most important gold districts, producing more than 113.4 million ounces of gold as of the end of 2019. The project covers a 3.8 kilometer section of the Cadillac Tectonic Zone, the main geological formation for gold mineralization in the Val d’Or.

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The Lac Rochester Copper Project is located on the eastern boundary of the Val d’Or mining district, 50 kilometers from the city of Val d’Or and 14 kilometers south of the company’s flagship asset, the Exeter Gold Project. The previous discovery of the Lac Rochester Copper Project returned several high grades of copper and iron that coincide with a large northeast trending magnetic anomaly.

For more information contact the company at 604-622-1199.

to the board of directors,

Peter Bourne


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