Is Vladimir Putin sick after all? New speculation about his body language

Is Vladimir Putin sick after all?  New speculation about his body language


April 24, 2022 – 1:38 pm watch

Speculation about Vladimir Putin continues. How fit are the Russian rulers, are there any signs of weakness or illness? This question has covered many media in the country and abroad. An American body language expert now speaks of Putin as “surprisingly weaker than the man we just saw a few years ago.” According to the English Gazette “The Sun”, the nearly 70-year-old Putin looks “unhealthy”, according to Texas Tech University professor Eric Busey.

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Britain suspects Putin of Parkinson’s disease

His statement is based on the video recording of last Thursday. He showed Putin in conversation with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. At the meeting between the two Russians, observers say Putin was almost at the table in convulsions. Others judge his harness by his foot, from which they try to draw purported conclusions.

According to the “Express”, a British ex-politician claims that Putin may be suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Lewis Mensch tweeted, “Here you can see him holding the table so that his arm doesn’t move, but he can’t stop his leg from moving.”

Experts see more of a “show of power” in Vera Putin’s body language

Professor Bookie, employed by Sun, says: “A fit president will not need to support himself with his arms extended and will not attempt to keep both feet on the ground.”

Stefan Vera, the famous Austrian body language expert, came to a completely different conclusion. Putin’s body language says, “I have everything under control, you don’t have to worry,” Vera says, according to “Bilde-Zeitung.” Unlike Shoigu,” Vera says.

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Putin leans back while Shoigu sits on the edge of his chair. This suggests that the minister should try to win Putin’s side. According to the report, they say that there is no evidence that Putin is ill. (uvo)

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