Ischinger unclean words in the themes of Miosga’s day: “Good evening, Ms. Slomka”.

Ischinger unclean words in the themes of Miosga's day: "Good evening, Ms. Slomka".
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“Good evening, Mrs. Slomka” – “My name is Miosga”

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“Good evening, Ms. Slomka!”

Source: PA/DPA/Daniel Bockwaldt

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Karen Miosga’s “Tagestmen” interview with Wolfgang Ischinger was supposed to be about Russia. What remains, however, is that the head of the Munich Security Conference did not know exactly who he was talking to, not once, not twice, but three times.

IT is a serious issue: Russia has thousands of troops stationed near the Ukrainian border, observers fear an invasion, Wolfgang Ischinger, on the other hand, is expecting only a game of poker from Russian President Vladimir Putin and is cautiously optimistic that The situation will not escalate.

The latter analysis got lost on social media after the interview. Because Ischinger, as always, had ascertained the political position of those involved in the conflict, but apparently himself was at the wrong station. Instead of speaking in the ARD “Tagesthemen”, he felt like he was speaking in the ZDF’s “Today Journal”.

“Good evening, Mr. Ischinger”, “Tagstemen” presenter Karen Miosga greets her guest after the introduction. “Good evening, Mrs. Slomka,” he replied, apparently believing that he was talking to Marietta Slomka during the second. “My name is Miosga (…), it doesn’t matter,” replied the ARD presenter with a smile.

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He calls Miyosaga twice and with the wrong name

During the interview, Ischinger explained why he still had hope given the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border. It is a kind of poker game in which Putin tries to work out the diplomatic situation with maximum demands. He does not believe in Russian invasion of Ukraine – Putin is well aware that his country’s economic strength is insufficient for such undertakings.

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However, at the end of the conversation, he had clearly forgotten what was wrong from the beginning. He called the moderator by name twice in his answers – but again with the wrong person.

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Following this, the 75-year-old apologized to Miosga on Twitter. He knows nothing like this should happen – “Actually, even if you only look at the camera, the opposite person is not there and the tone is such that you only vaguely understand the questions. Sorry, dear Mrs. Miosga! I am so sorry.” Am!”

The ARD presenter did not blame her guest for the name slip. “Not bad at all, dear Mr. Ischinger!” Miosga replied. “Now even more attention is being paid to such an important topic.”

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