Italy will be buried under the next target avalanche – national teams

Italy will be buried under the next target avalanche - national teams

David Fadani was in the blue team’s box and did a good job. © Andre Ringuet

It was a game with the character David vs. Goliath: ice hockey here, homeland Canada, dwarf Italy here. Finally, the balance of power was clearly reflected in the results.

Even though Canada had been irresistible in this World Cup and even risked missing the quarter-finals for the first time in history, North Americans, along with many NHL players, had no problem against Italy. In the end, the result for the nine-time Olympic champion from overseas was 7: 1.

Canada defeated the Blue Team after a 3:11 defeat against Kazakhstan on Saturday. At first it seemed that the next double-digit clap was about to take place as North Americans were ahead 4–0 after just twelve minutes. After that, however, the Blue team recovered to some extent, while Canada also preserved their strength and changed gears during the game. This is all or nothing for Star Squad: On the last day of the match, a win against the leaders of Finland is needed to retain the chance of a quarter-final.

Fazio’s working day ends after 12 minutes

Italy made a dreadful start to the final match of the World Cup: it was 4–0 after only twelve minutes for Canada, the game being practically settled. Cole Perfetti opened the scoring after 153 seconds, with Andrew Mangiapen kuttering on Daniel Glira a short time later to push it to 2-0, then Tony Stecher, with captain Adam Heinrich, through the inside post from the slot Shot put Justin Fazio’s backhander for the work day ended in the 12th minute. The goalkeeper had to pay tribute to the last, intense games in which he was often under constant fire, and was replaced by David Fadani.

The Blue team had a tough time against Canada. © Andre Ringuet

The 20-year-old from Milan, who is under contract as a backup in the first Swiss league with Lugano, came in his second World Cup after replacing Fazio against Kazakhstan. And Fadani did a good job and with a few parades breathed a little more security into his front men. Italy now dared more aggressively and at the end of the third was able to create a touch of pressure for the first time in a power play situation.

Mangiapane plays a big role

After the break, Simon Pitschiller’s childhood dream almost came true when he put the puck in the Canadian box. In the end, however, the hit was awarded to Angelo Miselli, who is said to have lightly touched the playground equipment with gloves.

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It was an honorary goal for the Blue team, which again came under greater pressure. Ultimately, it was the excellent Andrew Mangiapane who put in a half-high cross goal from Connor Brown and gave Fadani the first loss. As a result, Canada was still in control, with parade lines around Mangiapne and Captain Heinrich in its orbit. Ultimately Maxim Komtois (38th) and Brandon Pirie (56th) extended the result to 7: 1.

Italy now have a day off before the last game on Tuesday: At 3:15 pm, the Blue team will face the USA. The match is available in live ticker sports news.

Italy – Canada 1: 7

Italy: Fazio (Fadani); Trivellato-Pietroniro, Spornberger-Glira, Casetti-Miglioranzi, Marchetti-Gios; Frank-Peyton-Micheli, Giliatti-Undergasson-Hochköffler, Frigo-Bardaro-Gander, Deluca-Pitschieller-Magnabosco
Coach: Giorgio de Bettin

Canada: Hill (Dipitro); Ferraro-Walker, Power-Stecher, Budein-Bernard Docker, Pirie-Schneider; Mangiappen-Heinrich-Brown, Comtois-Villardi-Paul, Hegel-Danforth-Bunting; Perfetti-Anderson Dolan-Fowdy
Coach: Gerard Gallant

tore: 0: 1 Parfetti (2.33), 0: 2 Mangiapen (8.04), 0: 3 Stecher (11.33), 0: 4 Henrik (11.56), 1: 4 Miseli (30.31), 1: 5 Mangiapen (34.48), 1: 4 Comtois (37.26 / PP), 1: 4 Piri (55.56)

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