It’s not over when the game is over

When the tooth enamel lacks bite - Mannheim

On the couch to win the World Cup: Not possible? It serves as an example to the Norwegian Torah Berger show. She actually ended her biathlon career in 2014. And yet the now 40-year-old recently added another overall World Cup win to her resume.

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This contradicts the general rule in sport that a match is over when the last whistle blows, but it has the following, somewhat complicated relationship: the trigger for Christmas for Berger is a decision of the IBU World Association, according to which doping The reason was Russian Olga Sazyeva was later disqualified from nine races in the 2013/2014 season.

During this all the races of this season had to be recalculated. Result: Berger, who was actually five points behind Finn Cassa Mkrainen, is now leading with four points. However, the association has retrospectively declared both the World Cup winners.

The decision, including subsequent changes to the World Cup stand, feeds the hopes of sports fans that they will still be able to correct the historic results years later: thanks to modern goal-line technology, one knows when the ball is not behind the line. It was in Germany’s 1966 World Cup final against England. Sorry, dear English people, but it’s a tie and the DFB selection has five stars. If you look closely, you’ll also notice that Peter Dreitel’s penalty in the 1992 Olympic ice hockey tournament was only halted because of an unevenness in the ice on the line. Like its rival Canada at the time, Germany deserves the silver medal.

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But beware: Anyone who tinkers with historical results too much could upset the god of the game concerned. This was recently seen in the 2nd division: there the German Football League pulled one of their 154 goals from Dieter Schatzsneider, the previous record goal scorer. A hit in July 1979 by a now 63-year-old man, video evidence shows, was not made by himself. Rather, it was a goal of its own. Schatzsnider raged while Schalke’s Simon Teroded was about to beat his record. Then something strange happened: goal machine Terode failed to score after his 153rd goal and tied with Schatzschneider. The disappointment of the goal lasted four games. In early November, the 33-year-old managed to overtake Schatzschneider. But since then the Royal Blues striker has been injured.

Mysterious, isn’t it? The god of football seems to be a fan of factual decision making. It will be interesting to see how the biathlon god reacts to events.

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