Japanese ship attacked by pirates

Japanese ship attacked by pirates

Apparently a ship was attacked in the Indian Ocean. Pirates are suspected to be behind the attack. The background ship may have a connection to Israel.

According to the British company responsible, a Japanese ship was attacked in the north of the Indian Ocean. British company Zodiac Maritime said on Twitter on Friday that the tanker M/T is suspected to have collided with pirates on Mercer Street. The chairman of the Zodiac group is Israeli businessman Ezel Ofer.

The ship was owned by Japan and managed by a UK-based company, the statement said. It was en route from Tanzania to Fujairah Emirate and did not carry any cargo.

Britain’s Defense Ministry said it was aware of reports of an attack on a merchant ship off the coast Oman intentionally. The local army is investigating the incident.

Repeated attacks on the ships of the Zodiac

Ships belonging to Israel have been repeatedly attacked in recent months in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman. In early July, a cargo ship was attacked, according to media reports, previously owned by Zodiac Marine. Suspect according to the Israeli daily “Haaretz” Israel That time Iran behind the attack. Similar incidents happened in February and April, and Israel blamed Iran for it.

An Iranian cargo ship was also slightly damaged in an explosion in the Red Sea in April. According to the New York Times report, the attack started in Israel.

Iran is an enemy of Israel. Israel, on the other hand, now has diplomatic relations with the two Gulf countries. United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

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