Jauch makes a call! You can only get a date with this candidate at the supermarket

Jauch makes a call!  You can only get a date with this candidate at the supermarket


July 19, 2021 – 22:00 watch

The WWM candidate knows: Dates are made not only on Tinder but also at the vegetable counter

When candidate Sabrina Bauer shared her dating experience, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” – Moderator Günther Jauch is extremely keen and eager to hear. As singles, the women of Hamburg have a lot to report on the subject of men. And it’s not just about promising online ads that, in retrospect, turn out to be a mistake. No, they still exist in normal real life. Everyday situations from which great love can arise. Or at least the first date. Reason enough to launch an appeal for Guther Jauch, as can be seen in the video here.

Their Romantic Supermarket Date So Clearly Ended

Günther Jauch’s single candidate Sabrina Bauer reveals she definitely has a very special dating story in her bag in this direction and loves to unwind. This is a very special date experience. What started very romantically at the vegetable counter in the supermarket has evolved more and more in the direction of panic. What really happened to her, she explains in detail in the video here.


TVNOW. Watch online at “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

More topics of conversation between Zauch and his candidate and the answer to the question of how much money Sabrina Bauer is paid to call herself in the end can be found in full in the current episode. “who wants to be a Millionaire?” Also available on TVNOW To see.

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