Joe Biden has stopped oil production in Alaska for the time being

Joe Biden has stopped oil production in Alaska for the time being

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is roughly the size of Bavaria, and the region is known for its caribou, among other things. Thousands of animals roam there. But the natural paradise was in danger. Donald Trump, still the US President, was in the summer of 2020 Oil extraction is allowed.

However, these plans have now been put on hold, at least for the time being. Administration of the current US President Joe Biden All activities related to the controversial oil claim in the nature reserve in the U.S. alaska suspended. On Tuesday, the Interior Ministry announced Washington Along with this, the validity of the respective licenses has been put on hold.

License holders will be informed about this measure, it said. Shortly after his election defeat in November, Trump tried To expedite drilling operations.

The suspension of oil production activities at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge doesn’t come as a surprise – Biden, even before taking office in January, said he was against oil and gas drilling in the region.

Drilling stop is not final yet

The decision now announced by the Interior Ministry is only of a provisional nature. According to the ministry, a comprehensive review of the ecological aspects of oil production projects in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is to be conducted. After the completion of this examination, a decision will be made whether the licenses issued are subject to confirmation, cancellation or restrictive terms.

Under Trump, the Interior Ministry last August gave the green light for drilling in the coastal region north of the state of Alaska that is home to polar bears, reindeer and many other animals. Shortly before Trump left office, his government auctioned off licenses for oil production in eleven fields in the Nature Reserve.

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This immediately drew sharp criticism from environmentalists. Initially, up to eight percent of the nature reserve should be able to be used for drilling, as announced by the Interior Ministry at the time.

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