Joe Biden taunts Ivanka Trump

Joe Biden taunts Ivanka Trump
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Joe Biden’s remarks on his family as US President. No one should get an office in the White House – a reference to Ivanka Trump.

  • Speaks in an interview US President Joe Biden on top of it Administration and his family.
  • Mixture of Government and Family Except Joe Biden – unlike his predecessor Donald Trump.
  • Ivanka Trump I had my own office white House.

Washington DC – Newly elected US President Joe Biden In his first interview since moving to the White House, he commented on his family and plans for his term in office. Together First lady jill biden In a “People” interview, the US president said he wanted to conduct his business “like the Obama-Biden administration”. He was referring to his eight-year term Vice President of America From 2008 to 2016.

Coalition for its predecessor Donald Trump Then he said that “none of our family and extended family will be involved in any government or foreign policy.” “No one else,” Biden says, “There is an office in this place.” 39 years old Ivanka Trump As well as her husband Jared Kushner Served as his father’s advisor during the presidency.

Ivanka Trump – Disqualified as Advisor to US President Donald Trump

According to the website of white House Concentrate Ivanka Trump Focusing on “education and economic empowerment of women and their families”. He had his own Chief of Staff and also one Office in west wing, Which has been compared by official sources with “walking into an Apple store” as the “New Zealand Herald” reports.

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Before Donald Trump’s term, his eldest daughter was Ivanka Rather known as an integral part of his role New Yorker High Society, Manicured her fashion store and her meticulously personalized brand. Her appointment as advisor to the president quickly led to criticism: “Having someone’s daughter is not really a career qualification,” the Democratic Congress said, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, To.

Donald Trump wanted Ivanka as runner-up candidate

was originally Donald Trump Arguably an even more important role Ivanka is intended. According to Trump’s former deputy Campaign Manager Rick Gates The 74-year-old wanted his daughter to be the vice presidential candidate.

Donald Trump Thinks highly of his eldest daughter. In comparison to “The Atlantic”, Trump said in 2019 that he is proud of all of his children, Ivanka But be “unique”. Trump said his daughter “has a tremendous presence when she walks” and is a “natural diplomat”.

USA: Is Ivanka Trump Running for Florida Governor?

There has been speculation for some time that Ivanka Trump Politically also wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and eventually see the White House as well. Even FloridaWhere a large part of the Trump family was politically motivated after leaving the White House. Accordingly, there are rumors that Ivanka Trump began her political career in A. Candidate for governor of florida Wanted to start This is CNN’s report.

needed Ivanka Trump Actually have political ambitions, she definitely knows one thing: former president Donald Trump. “If she ever wanted to run for president,” he said The interview With “The Atlantic” two years ago. “I think she will be able to beat very, very hard,” said Donald Trump. (Tobia molars)

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