Kathy deleted photo with Mats Hummels – to post it again with a change

Kathy deleted photo with Mats Hummels - to post it again with a change

Kathy Hummels spends Christmas with Mats and little Ludwig.Photo: kathyhumels/Instagram

Kathy Hummels also kept her Instagram followers updated during the Christmas holidays: She spent Christmas Eve in a small group with Mats and son Ludwig, as this photo shows. then it went first Holidays – Even in the “small circle”. Kathy and Matt still haven’t commented on the months-long separation rumours, but together with their son, the two often demonstrate family harmony. social media,

On Monday morning, the 33-year-old again shared a photo with Ludwig and Matt, the details of which left followers confused. After a while the post disappeared again – only to reappear in the late afternoon. With a separate description of the picture.

Cathy Hummels’ comment causes confusion

The recording only featured Cathy, Matt and Ludwig, but the post was provided with the words “4 of us” by the influencer. One user was immediately shocked and speculated about a new pregnancy Cathy. Post arrived in less than an hour instagram Not searchable again.

There was no explanation as to who was supposed to mean the fourth person. However, an Instagram story from Kathy’s weekend may hint. there she was apparently with a nanny convenience store To see – so that he can definitely take more vacation time Society to keep. In any case, pregnancy at this time will come as a surprise. It is understandable that she doesn’t even want to stir up rumours in the first place.

Anyway, the pic was back on Monday evening: It’s now just labeled “family time” — in addition to the hashtags #quality time and #love.

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Separation or not: Cathy and Matt apparently move in together, not least because of their son, a good relationship is important to them.

Cathy celebrated this year Christmas By the way, according to his own statements, “completely unconventional” – in a hotel in Munich with a Japanese Essen In the “mini circle”. As a justification, she said she needed rest and rest after 2021 was “so-negative as well as positive”.


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