Kathy Hummels shows off her bra without bra costume

Kathy Hummels dress comes without a bra

Kathy Hummels has been posting more revealing photos lately.photo: instagram/cathyhumels

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Kathy Hummels has been attracting more and more revealing photos to her Instagram account over the past two weeks. The RTL presenter appeared shirtless with a pumpkin in her kitchen, half-covered with leaves in the garden and recently in the pool with a thick mesh top, her nipples touched.

Kathy Hummels posts revealing ‘Halloween costume’

Not all followers like photos in which they show themselves wearing light clothes. But that doesn’t stop Hummels from posting similar photos: The influencer took Halloween as an opportunity to show himself topless again.

“I felt like I was swimming against the tide with my picture.”

She only wears a pink colored blazer with gold and purple sequins. The blazer is tied loosely. She’s wearing black panties underneath, but no top or bra. Below she writes: “Happy Halloween – thought I was swimming against the tide with my picture again.”

She adds the hashtag “Not Mainstream”, which means she is separate from the mainstream. The second hashtag is: “I do what makes me happy” – so she focuses on doing only the things that make her happy and ignores other considerations.

Fans will soon know the reason behind Matt Hummels’ separation

In addition to her dress choices, Kathy Hummels has faced several other criticisms: some complain that she often shows off her four-year-old son unrecognized. It is also claimed that she cannot cope with the separation from Mats Hummels, which she has since made public. His appearance and stature are also repeatedly criticized.

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However, under the latest picture there are mainly positive comments. “Awesome photo, dear Cathy” And “You’re doing it absolutely right… anyone can go with the flow”write them fan In her sequin look.

On 16 November, the personality documentary “Kathy Hummels – Ales auf Anfang” will be released on RTL Zwei. The private broadcaster announced that the presenters would “for the first time talk about the real reason for their split from soccer star Mats Hummels”. Because both Kathy and Matt haven’t said a word about it yet.

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