Kuiper vs Starlink: Amazon subsidiary complains about new Starlink satellites

Kuiper vs Starlink: Amazon subsidiary complains about new Starlink satellites

In a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission of Project Kuiper, a subsidiary of Amazon (FCC) It relates to competitor SpaceX’s application for the new Starlink Gen2 satellites. SpaceX had published two configurations in Applications for Advanced Satellites. The second option should only be available if the FCC rejects the first configuration. Project Kuiper is now under criticism that SpaceX violated FCC rules by sending the second configuration. A protest letter is not a lawsuit.

With Project Kuiper, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos wants to build his own satellite network for Internet supply and thus establish competition for SpaceX boss Elon Musk’s Starlink network. As of now, however, Kuiper does not yet have a satellite in orbit, while SpaceX already has more than 1,700 in operation and provides more than 90,000 customers with satellite-based Internet. The first Kuiper satellites are to be launched into orbit with an Atlas V rocket instead of a launch vehicle from Bezos’ own company Blue Origin.

Musk is already planning to expand its Starlink satellite network. Gen2 satellites are significantly heavier and more powerful than earlier models. Starlink is planning a total of 30,000 satellites to provide the closest possible network. For Starlink to supply internet from satellite, it must be within sight of the subscriber. Bezos is here with the Kuiper project (named after him) kuiperguertel) in the beginning.


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