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AI. Billions of images are combined using

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In May, Google announced the Immersive View feature at its in-house I/O developer conference, and it’s now available for the first cities. Barcelona, ​​London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo are already represented. Will other cities come?

The 3D scenes were not created entirely virtually, but are collages combined with the help of artificial intelligence from Google Street View and a wealth of billions of images from aerial photographs. According to Google, they are made like this “Photorealistic Aerial Photography” From over 100 attractions around the world.

Explore Cities Virtually With Immersive Views

The introduction of this feature is the first step towards what Google calls “immersive view”. So it should be possible to visit different places before traveling Virtually in 3D view to visit. Different times of the day can be set to see how the location changes. With Immersive View you can too Enter restaurant and event location And explore without being there. In addition, current information about the location can be called up, such as weather conditions or visitor numbers.

For example, Google Maps 3D view can already be started from the Empire State Building. The app contains a 30 second video that looks like this camera blowing around the building, However, the view cannot be manipulated by the viewer, you cannot zoom in or change the viewing angle.

graphics are expandable

Google itself talks about photorealistic aerial photographs, but we have to disagree with this statement. The shots are more like a 2010 video game. you can clearly see that they built in computer became. Even though the source material is high-resolution, some details are apparently still lost when the image data is combined using AI. The 3D view still provides significant added value when using Google Maps.

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feature is correct Google Map integrated, but only for the time being Apps on Android and iOS And not on a desktop machine. Apart from the existing cities, there is more to the plan that you can explore with the immersive view. What is your opinion on the feature?

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