Launched aggressively: Burstner takes on compact vans

Launched aggressively: Burstner takes on compact vans

aggressive launch
Burstner is up to the compact van

After truly entering the compact motorhome segment last year, Burstner is expanding its model range this summer with a full line of new products based on the Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit.

While Burstner was previously thought to be a manufacturer of large motorhomes primarily in the middle class, last year saw a drastic change with an aggressive debut in “living vans”, as Kiehl’s company produced camper vans, panel vans and semi-integrated vans. gives a summary. ,

Now out of the six compact series, only two semi-integrated Nexo vans and travel vans remain unchanged. Based on the Ford Transit Custom introduced last year, the Urban Tourist Copa will be expanded by two variants.

Even with the C500 all-wheel drive system

The C500 4×4 is offered for 57,270 Euros.

(Photo: Michael Lennartz)

The nearly five-metre tall C500 will also be available with an all-wheel drive system that automatically switches on as the wheels on the front axle spin. The electromagnetic clutch engages and distributes the drive forces in a 50:50 ratio of the front and rear axles depending on position. Alternatively, all-wheel drive can be turned on permanently via a push button switch in the cockpit.

This doesn’t turn the Copa Camper into a hardcore off-roader, but it does provide good traction on loose and slippery surfaces like sand, snow or damp grass. There’s also an optional all-road package with deep-tread tyres, a trail-design radiator grille and underbody protection. C500 4×4, which features a double bed with a pop-up roof and panorama function (tent wall that opens to the front), a 41-liter compressor cool box, a 50-liter water tank, kitchen, rotating front seats and a There is a bench. Seats that can be converted into a bed, as standard, are offered from 57,270 euros.

C530 and C590 . more places in


The Urban Camper Burstner Copa (left), based on the Ford Transit Custom introduced last year, has been expanded by two variants.

(Photo: Michael Lennartz)

Also new in the Kopa series is the C530, which will be available from July. Due to the 30 cm longer vehicle length at the rear, this folding washbasin enables the installation of a shower/toilet room with permanently installed cassette toilet, a plug-in shower tray and shower head with a shower curtain In the form of a pull-out water tap. So the standard pop-up roof also opens at the rear, unlike the C500. Prices not yet decided.

Burstner Cologne is intensifying collaboration with Ford with an entirely new series. The Lineo C590 on the larger Ford Transit van features a classic six-metre floor plan and a square high position with double transverse beds in the rear, kitchen, weight room and front seating. Heated double floors can be loaded from behind or on a sliding door. The high ceilings guarantee a consistent headroom of about two metres. Lineo will debut in September exclusively as the C590 with prices starting at €48,690. Further floor plan offers are yet to be decided.

C644. internal innovation for


In the C644, a fold-down bed with a rear extension is lowered one level above the seating group for a sleeping configuration.

(Photo: Burstner)

With the new Eliseo C644, Bürstner is also striving to live up to its reputation as a maker of interior innovations in compact models. The fifth floor plan of the Fiat Ducato series aims to expand the portfolio with a division with a high level of living comfort, by realizing an all-round seating group at the rear with a compact length of 6.36 metres. In addition, the bathroom with toilet and the partition for the shower were moved directly behind the driver’s seat. There is a kitchen block in front.

For sleeping configuration, a fold-down bed is lowered to a level with the rear extension above the seating group, with storage accessible from behind—there’s room for a bicycle, too. This creates a generous lying surface at approximately chest height. In a one-of-a-kind bunk bed, the downstairs seating area can also be converted into a double bed. However, those spending the night there need not be claustrophobic.

Pop-up roof with sun-roof


The Lineo C590 is one segment high with a floor plan of six meters and double transverse beds at the rear, kitchen, wet room and front seating areas.

(Photo: Michael Lennartz)

The last two 5.40 m long Alisio models C540 and C543 (from 50,000 euros each) come with six m models 602 (transverse double bed at rear, 52,780 euros) and C642 (6.36 m long, longitudinal -single bed). rear, 54,650 euros) Two new conventional layouts have been added. In these versions, a seat bench that can be tilted up to 22 degrees provides greater comfort. For a brighter ambiance, the pop-up roof can now be combined with a sunroof on the front seats.

Starting late summer, Burstner will also introduce a new “Back-Rack+” bike rack for all Elysio and Campio models. The e-bike is easy to load here and to be carried vertically.

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