Laura Muller: Reports back shitstorm with a strange action

Laura Muller: Reports back shitstorm with a strange action

After the arrival of a new advertising partner, Laura Muller is back on Instagram. Photo: Private

After the shitstorm against advertising partners: Laura Mueller breaks silence

After several months of radio silence, Laura Mueller recently reported back from oblivion: as if out of nowhere, she posted in mid-June instagram Picture of a puppy that has since caused a stir in the Wendler’s house. In addition, a new association became known among 20-year-olds.

However, the online shop that the influencer advertises immediately got a raging storm on social media. Reason: Laura’s husband Michael Wendler, who last year caused a stir with conspiracy myths and questionable statements about the coronavirus pandemic. Many customers found it impossible to advertise products with their wife.

A few days later, Laura spoke again in her Instagram Story. However, he did not even mention the recent uproar over his man. Rather, the focus was once again on his beloved four-legged friend.

Laura Muller addresses fans

At the beginning of her message, Laura first mentioned another topic: Michael Wendler and they recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, which apparently went unnoticed by many followers. Laura spoke excitedly into the camera:

“First of all, I want to say thank you very much for all the lovely messages on our first wedding anniversary. We were so happy. We got so many lovely messages from you, so many congratulations.”

Laura Muller turns to her Instagram followers. Build: lauramuellerofficial/instagram

Wendler’s personal account has been temporarily blocked on Instagram. At least the congratulations on this forum went straight to Laura. However, Wendler is still active with Telegram, so not completely Internet disappeared.

Finally Laura turned to the Labrador puppy and said: “It keeps us very busy! Our life has certainly changed significantly.She also later launched an appeal: Her followers should send her photos of their dogs in private. Animal lovers are also welcome to share their “experiences” with Laura. She’s “very curious” about it and browse through your messages.

Laura actually followed up this announcement with action. In another Instagram Story, she put together some pictures of the dog that were sent to her. Your enthusiastic response: “I am receiving thousands of messages right now from your four-legged furry friends. Please forgive me if I can’t answer each of you!

Laura Mueller Is Quiet About Shitstorm

Apparently, the little social media campaign hit the bull’s eye, not to mention the previous dirt storm against Laura. The online shop recently responded to negative feedback. It said in a statement, “We distance ourselves from any accusations of anti-Semitism, right-wing extremists or the like!” In addition, those responsible confirmed: “The collaboration with Laura Mueller does not make us a companies With anti-Semitic or right-wing extremist traits. We don’t support bullying!”


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