Laura Vontora mocks the reality star in “Ninja Warrior”.

Laura Vontora mocks the reality star in "Ninja Warrior".

Laura Vontora (center) made Elena Miras a special offer on Ninja Warrior.Image: RTL

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On Sunday evening, a celebrity special for “Ninja Warriors” happened on RTL — and they gave Stars Very different impressions. For example, while singer Luca Haney cut a particularly good figure, others were ridiculed. It was especially bad for ex-graduate Dominic Stuckman and reality star Elena Miras (“Summer House of the Stars”).

“Ninja Warrior”: Laura Vontora makes a bad offer

Elena Miras clearly struggled with the course and took a lot of her time. It was finally the end of the line when the 30-year-old, suffering from a fear of heights, dared not jump over an obstacle.

This in turn did not spare the moderator trio consisting of Frank Bushman, Jan Koppen and Laura Vontora. For example, Koppen said, “It’s a small step for you and a big step for our time.” His colleague Vontora, on the other hand, wanted to speed things up a bit and made a bad “offer” to Miras:

“If you make it, you’ll get an extra 500 euros. If you don’t jump now, I’ll deduct 500 euros from you.”

Elena Miras took her time

Elena Miras took her timeImage: Marcus Hartrich / RTL

But nothing helped: the candidate chuckled and crawled back. As a result, Laura Vontora, who was clearly as disappointed as she was angry, again followed up and scoffed: “You have enough airtime. Interview Abandoned.”

Moderator Buschmann exits

On the other hand, in the case of Dominic Stuckman, Bushman lost his cool. The 30-year-old kept on fooling around while tackling the course to keep the spectators entertained. But then it was over relatively quickly, with Stuckman falling overboard from the rope.

“It was because I didn’t have the right grip on the rope,” analyzed the former bachelor So the problem towards Laura Vontora. Moderator Frank Bushman didn’t want to admit it and suddenly rumbled:

“That’s clumsy crap! She didn’t catch on. You just have to focus a little bit when you get to the rope.”

And that wasn’t the end of the rant: “It was too much larriari, and then it took off. You could easily do it,” Bushman said. After all: Stuckman fought 2500 Euros for a good cause.

In addition to Luca Haney, two former professional ski jumpers made it to the finals: Martin Schmidt and Sven Hahnwald. Somewhat surprisingly, it was Hanni who made it farthest to the top. A total of 100,000 euros was raised that evening.

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