Lena Gerke: Baby Zoe dances on dad’s arm for his piano performance

Lena Gerke: Baby Zoe dances on dad's arm for his piano performance

She has been a model for almost a year and a half Lena Gerke (33) and commercial director Dustin Shawn (36) are now parents to little Zoe. The girl is the bright center of his life and also inspires fans of the former GNTM– Repeated winner. Lena and Dustin keep their personal lives a secret and rarely show their daughter. However, the occasional glimpse into the life of a small family is all good. Dustin has now shared one such rare snapshot on Instagram that shows: Zoe is a real music fan. While the mother plays the piano, the one-year-old dances on the father’s arms. The Gerke dynasty has already proved how great his enthusiasm for his mother’s talent is. regardless of whether sitting at the piano Or just on dad’s arm. As soon as the piano music starts playing, just short curly hair very impressed.

You can watch sweet scenes of Lena Gerke and her daughter Zoe dancing to the music in the video above.

Lena Gerke: Dustin couldn’t be more excited about his giant Christmas tree

“Oh Christmas tree” may have been what Dustin thought too when he saw his loved one’s Christmas tree. Because Lena ordered for her Berlin family nest not simple copy, No, the green pine tree that should be in the living room is four meters high. A little too big for Dustin’s taste. Because the 36-year-old has to plant a huge tree for his pain. While she is “really mad” and venting her anger at the pine needles lying everywhere, Lena shares the story on Instagram with her followers and is full of anticipation for her giant Christmas tree. While Dustin struggles with oversized decor, we enjoy a small peek at Lena and Dustin’s wonderfully stylishly furnished apartment.

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