“Let the Music Go” Special – Two Celebrities Go Swimming While Playing Sheet Music – TV

"Let the Music Go" Special - Two Celebrities Go Swimming While Playing Sheet Music - TV

Everything was going on here even before the final…

The music quiz “Let the Music Play” featured celebrities for the first time on Friday evening. In the final round, two of them gambled too much and lost the jackpot chance.

After all, the Sat.1 show had to win 50,000 euros for a good cause. Eight well-known TV faces competed in teams of two. Others included singer Jeanette Biederman (41), actor Tom Beck (43), Schlager star Patrick Lindner (61), musician Gil Ofreem (39), presenter Melissa Khalj (32) and actor Berger Lars Dietrich (48).

Like the normal version, it was also important for celebrities to anticipate hits that were played backwards, for example, or that came up with an entirely new musical form. Not everyone was saddle-proof. After the seventh round, only two teams were left: Jeanette Biederman and Tom Beck to face off against Gil Ofrim and Melissa Khalaj.

Moderator Amiyaz Habtu Photo: © SAT.1 / Stephen Newman

The game was tough. The duet should identify famous songs with as few notes as possible. With the respective number of vowels played, they were able to undercut each other before each round.

The lowest bidder should answer. Biedermann and Beck underestimated each other at times. Initially, he was still in the lead, but gave up his lead in the last few metres.

When it comes to Michael Jackson’s song, both wanted to identify it with just one note in a cocky mood. Moderator Amiyaz Habtu (44) joked when his candidates thought hard: “You can go through every Michael Jackson song.” But then Biederman suddenly threw “Thriller” across the room. Singer excitedly: “My heart is racing.”

She was wrong and therefore strengthened her opponents with important points. A 1997 dance hit was in demand in the final round. Zeenat lamented: “At that time I heard Nirvana.” He suggested four vowels. Play partner Tom Beck chuckled: “Then we have to guess the bullshit too.” The maneuver went wrong. Neither of them recognized “Coco Jambu” and were quickly out of the race.

Biederman was disappointed: “I always boycotted dance. it was not me. His opponents were playing for the jackpot. In the finale, Gil Ofrim and Melissa Khalaj were able to recognize seven songs played by the studio band in 40 seconds and thus pay 50,000 euros for a good cause.

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