“Let’s Dance” stars reveal emotional problems during training

"Let's Dance" stars reveal emotional problems during training

Mike Singer and Christina Luft also get along well apart from “Let’s Dance”.Image: Getty Images Europe / Andreas Rentz

Mike Singer is rising week-by-week in “Let’s Dance”: Last Friday he and his dance partner Christina Luft received a strong 26 points from the jury after the musician started the season on a weak note. A big trump card is definitely the chemistry between the two on the show’s stage, which is no coincidence. Mike and Christina do not hide the fact that they have a good friendship off the court.

After the dispute on Friday, the dancing couple said RTL Now more about the close relationship with each other – In fact, Mike’s feelings get in the way of little training.

“Let’s Dance”: Christina Has to Take Care of Mike

Mike and Christina show an emotional contemporary, choreography as the singer processes her fear of loss. He is happily in a relationship with the influential Sophie Lillian Marsatt, to whom he declared love in the clip: Relation With him was “so great” and “unconditional in every way”.

But the 22-year-old also has strong points for Christina Lufta feeling developed, although these are “only” of a Platonic nature. Nevertheless, they even go so far as to find that their dance partners sometimes annoy them with announcements during training. Mike confesses:

“I’m very emotionally attached to her. If she’s like, ‘Hey Mike, she sucks,’ I’m like, ‘Doesn’t she like me anymore?'”

Christina is also aware of this. She says: “I have to be very sensitive with him. I have to be careful what I say and how I say it.“Of course it makes training a little more complicated, but on the other hand the close relationship between them has a positive effect on Friday’s performance when it really matters.” We’ve found such a great relationship. I feel like we’re one family sometimes,” enthuses Luca Haney, a professional dancer engaged to him, by the way.

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Since professionals and celebrities spend up to ten hours a day together as part of “Let’s Dance” rehearsals, it’s important to connect well. Of all the stars she’s danced with, Mike Christina particularly liked: “It’s not normal, I must say,” she says in conclusion of an intimate friendly relationship. So it should be clear: The two will still be in touch after “Let’s Dance.” “I have no doubt about it,” Christina is certain.


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